Nemesis' weather control


Find out why Nemesis is concerned with the weather

Maxwell Christopher

The data you recovered has brought some really disturbing Nemesis operations to light. Analysis shows that Nemesis hasspent a decade funding some kind of meteorological study. Weather patterns, climatology, that kind of thing. What the records don't tell us is why he'd be interested in that. I think it might be a good idea to find out why Nemesis is worried about the weather.

Nemesis still doesn't know about the records you recovered, so the first step is going to be building up a working cover story. We got lukcy there. AUtomatons working for Nemesis kidnaped the nted climatologist Dr. Sam Frinkley, and you're going to start this off by shaking down Nemesis troops for information. To tell you the truth, we alreayd know where Dr. Finkley is. The lab where he's imprisioned is one of those I've had under surveillance since you found those Nemesis files. but we have to maintain the image that we don't know, or else Nemesis could figure out our source of information.

Take out about 30 Nemesis soldiers anywhere you like, then hit the base.

Part 1: Defeat Nemesis troops for cover (Defeat 30 Nemesis)
Defeat x @ Any Nemesis

Mission Complete: One of the defeated Nemesis soldiers actually did talk, but your cover is secure either way. Time to hit the research base.

ClueDr. FInkley's location

One of the Nemesis soldiers you fought told you:

All right, all right! I'll tell you where we took that egghead! Don't even know why Lord Nemesis wanted that one. Something about 'comparing independent observations'.

Part 2: Defeat all in weather lab (Find Dr. Frinkley, Find weather data)
Laboratory @ Talos Island

You've found a hidden lab built into these caves. You can only wonder what strange work Nemesis is doing in this hidden place.

Objective: You recovered some vital data.

ClueWeather data

The information you obtained from these weather computers could be used, in combination with other information, to locate Nemesis' other weather control stations.

Mission Complete: You rescued Dr. Frinkley and recovered weather data.

ClueDr. Frinkley's story

It's astounding! Nemesis wanted me to confirm his own analysis of weather patterns for the last two years. It was a strange thing to ask, but I wasn't going to argue with that madman. He seemed pleased when his findings matched my own, and then he told me the horrible truth. The world's weather has been a little odd, but it wasn't due to the after-effects of the war. It's been because Nemesis has been controling it! He's been in control of the world's weather patterns for the last two years! Now, he feels confident enough to use it as a weapon against the rest of the world!

Part 3: Return data to Maxwell
Delivery @ Founders' Falls
Maxwell Christopher

I don't believe this, but it checks out! Nemesis has been in control of the weather worldwide for the last two years! Two years! And we've only found out about it now. he could parch fields, flood cities, sink fleets. The world could be at his mercy. Or it would be, if I wasn't on the case.

I mean, we. If we weren't on the case. Sorry.

The data you found and the data we have is enough; weshould be able to pinpoint other weather control stations. But just taking them out won't be enough. We're going to have to subvert his weather control network. I'm going to send you to see Dr. Steven Sheridan. I'll call him, get him working on a way to reset Nemesis' weather control. Once you have that, you're going to need to reporgram one of the weather stations to reset the world's weather while other teams take out the other weather stations around teh world.

Part 4: Talk to Dr. Sheridan
Delivery @ Brickstown
Steven Sheridan

Ah, Red Tomax. Maxwell Christopher told me to expect you. I spoke with several leading experts both on Nemesis and on weather control theory, and I think I have a workable plan for you. by adjusting the settings in the manner I've outlined, you should be able to ease the world's weather back into an uncntrolled state.

ClueThe weather formula

These succinct but well-prepared notes outline what must be done to reset the world's weather patterns and removed them from Nemesis' control. Now all you have to do is break into a Nemesis weather control base and make the changes.

Part 5: Defeat all foes in weather center (4 devices to reconfigure)

This base has been hidden deep beneath the streets, no doubt using the very superstructures of the city as an antenna for weather-controlling energy emissions.

Objective: You have reconfigured the weather control device.

Objective: You have reconfigured the weather control device.

Objective: You have reconfigured the weather control device.

Objective: You have reconfigured the weather control device.

Mission Complete: You were able to reconfigure the weater control system, but learned of one more weather center that wasn't accounted for in your plan. You have to take it out!

ClueA hidden weather center

As you discovered this computer, you discovered a link to another weather center not in the information you have, one that was only recently built as a back-up control! Ifit remains intact, Nemesis could take control of weather patterns once more!

Part 6: Defeat all foes in weather lab (4 devices to deactivate)

Around the world, other heroes are also striking against Nemesis' weather control centers. But if you can't take this one off-line, al their work, and yours, will be for nothing.

Objective: You have deactivated this weather control device.

Objective: You have deactivated this weather control device.

Objective: You have deactivated this weather control device.

Objective: You have deactivated this weather control device.

Mission Complete: You have taken the last weather station off-line.

Awarded for completing the mission.
Maxwell Christopher

We did it, Red Tomax! Nemesis held the skies in his grasp for two years before anyone even knew, but you've taken them away from him. This has been a great victory against Nemesis! He'll be reeling from this for a while, but don't think it's the last of him. Nemesis knows how to keep a lot of plans running at once. But stopping one of this magnitude is a special occasion.

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