A Tale of Cimerora: Prologue


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Talk to Marcus Valerius

Senator Decimus Aquila

You will soon come across Marcus Valerius, Red Tomax. He was the Captain of the Guard to Imperious, the former ruler of Cimerora. Marcus is a steadfast soldier who is fully devoted to Imperious as, of course, all of us who remain in this small fort are. He has seen many battles and lost many friends in the war against Romulus Augustus. His manner is brusque, but do not let that fool you. He has shed as many tears as drops of blood on the battlefield and would have gladly stood in the place of the men who have fallen before him.

I feel confident that, somehow, you will prove to be a great military asset to Marcus.

Here. Take this letter and give it to Marcus. He will be glad of any help, and though an introduction is unnecessary, I believe that these small acts of formality give him a sense of structure that I think pleases him. These are dark days, Red Tomax, so any comfort I can provide, I will do so.


The scroll of parchment bears the handwriting of Senator Aquila; its contents, an informal introdution to Marcus Valerius:

Hail, Marcus.

Please allow me to introduce to you this traveler who has performed a kind service to me and this fort. This warrior has listened to the tale of the citizens of Cimerora who are loyal to Imperious and, I believe, may be of great service to you in your battle against Romulus Augustus.

Your friend and humble servant,

Decimus Aquila.

Part 1: Talk to Marcus Valerius
Delivery @ Cimerora
Marcus Valerius

What do you hand me? From Senator Aquila?

Ah. I see. Decimus is a trusted advisor and friend to me. Perhaps it is time to acquaint myself with you.

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