Security Detail: Independence Port


Assist the Security Chief in Independence Port

Dennis Ewell

Time to take a bite out of crime, Red Tomax. The Security Chief in Indy Port wants some help with those scumbags from the Family. Go lend him a hand.

If you get a chance take a look at the Statue of Wavelength near the water. She was a speedster who fell in the Rikti War.

Part 1: Assist the Security Chief
Delivery @ Independence Port
Security Chief

Here's some information on the area. We've been having a lot fo trouble with the Family, especially in Crey Cove and Bell Point. I really need you to lend a hand.

ClueIndependence Port briefing

This is where many brave Heroes defended the city against an invading space armada back in the 50's. Paragon City renamed the area Independence Port, in honour of the Heroes who died in that epic battle. You'll see the big statue of Cassiopeia by the bridge; she was one of the famour Heroes who died in that fight. It's a shame that organized crime runs the docks nowadays. the Family pulls all the strings here, despite the best efforts of law enforcement.

Part 2: Keep peace in Independence Port (Defeat 20 Family)
Defeat x @ Independence Port The Family

Mission Complete: You have defeated 20 Family thugs

Dennis Ewell

Nice job helping clean up a historic zone, Red Tomax!

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