Security Detail: Dark Astoria


Assist the Dark Astoria Security Chief

Dennis Ewell

I need you to report to the Security Chief for Dark Astoria and help fight the Banished Pantheon. He didn't give me any details, but he sounded swamped.

Dark Astoria can get under your skin, Red Tomax, if you let it. Just focus on the job at hand.

Part 1: Assist the Security Chief
Delivery @ Talos Island
Security Chief

The Pantheon is causing a lot of trouble around here, especially in Romero Heights and Raimi Arcade. Take this briefing and get out there.

ClueDark Astoria Briefing

The maps say 'Astoria', but this place has always been 'Dark Astoria' to the people of Paragon City. The cemetery up there dates back to the prehistoric era, and there's sort of a spooky quality to it. Of course, very few people go in there anymore - not since the dead started crawling out the ground! We're pretty sure it's the Banished Pantheon behind it all. They've got the magic to do it. You get rid of a few zombies, more come back. Even worse, there's a giant zombie in there. That's why the authorities have abandoned the place. Heroes should go in there only in small teams.

Part 2: Keep Peace in Dark Astoria (Defeat 20 Banished Pantheon)
Defeat X @ Dark Astoria Banished Pantheon

Mission Complete: You have defeated 20 Banished Pantheon cultists

Dennis Ewell

You seem to have come through that all right. You have nerves of steel, Red Tomax.

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