Introduction to Siren's Call


Mission Index

Talk to Warzone Liason

Dennis Ewell

I don't know if you realized this, Red Tomax, but as we speak, Paragon City is under assault. Over in Siren's Call, Lord Recluse and his men are making every effort to get themselves a foothold. If we let them manage it, we'll be in serious trouble. I'd appreciate it if you'd go speak with the Longbow Warzone Liason over in Steel Canyon. She could use the help of heroes like you.

Siren's Call is a PVP zone, where you may be killed by other players.

The Warzzone Liason can help you get the right contacts in Siren's Call.

Part 1: Talk to Warzone Liason
Delivery @ Steel Canyon
Warzone Liason


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