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Be introduced to Jim Tremblor

Karen Parker

Have you been to Faultline lately, Red Tomax? The City's finally beginning to rebuild the place! The Circle of Thorns have moved out, and villain populations are down. Parts of it are almost as safe as any other part of the city. But there's still a lot of trouble out there. In fact, I recently heard about a young man by the name of Jim Tremblor who's having some trouble, and could use some help.

Jim Tremblor's problems mirror some of the trouble affecting Faultline as a whole. There's lots of promise, if it doesn't get crushed beneath the weight of the past.

Oh, and take this briefing on the zone, too. It will get you up to speed on the area.

Part 1: Meet Jim Tremblor
Delivery @ Faultline
Jim Tremblor

Who are you supposed to be? Some kind of Hero? Did one of those do-gooders send you? Well, I don't need your help! I got it all covered! Me and...

Me and...

Wait. Please, stop! Red Tomax, don't go! I'm sorry, I... I'm sorry.

I really do need help. It's just that, I mean...

Look, I had a friend of mine who was trying to help me, but I think she's in trouble. Real trouble...

ClueFaultline briefing

Overbrook was built on top of one of the many tributaries leading into the small lake outside of town. Eventually, the city dammed the lake, turning it into the reservior. Overbrook became a beautiful place, with waterfront property and gleaming skyscrapers. But this was not to last. Right after the war, the arch-villain Faultline tried to blackmail the city with his Earthquake devices. A few novice heroes tried to stop him, but failed. The villain set off his machinery and levelled Overbrook. No one has heard from Faultline since, and the area adopted his name until this day. A lot of villains have crawled out of the woodwork since to claim the ruins of this zone.

Recently, the city's begun to rebuild the zone. It won't be easy, and the criminal elements aren't leaving. They found out that many of the pre-war supergroups had their bases there, and are now trying to scavenge the ruins. While Longbow has set up near the dam, and the PPD have done their best to keep the rebuilt neighbourhood of New Overbrook safe, every Hero who can patrol the area is a big help to the reconstruction effort, Faultline isn't quite a trial sone anymore, but it's not a safe place.

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