The Rumblings of the Past


Help find Fusionette

Jim Tremblor

You see, this friend of mine, she's got powers, kinda like you. She calls herself 'Fusionette' now, went and became a hero. But we've been friends since we were kids living here before...

Well, I came back to Overbrook to find something, a memento of my Dad. He died when it all happened. I didn't find it, but I did found out that the Lost probably took the thing I was looking fore when they were scavenging for valuable stuff. Annette, sorry, 'Fusionette' said she'd check it out for me, but she hasn't been back yet, and I'm starting to get worried. know you hero types stick together, so I was hoping you could help her?

The group of Lost she was investigating was using this one warehouse as a meeting place. I tried to check it out myself, but they roughed me up pretty bad. I'll give you the location. And, uh, thanks. For helping her, I mean.

Part 1: Find Fusionette (Rescue Fusionette, Lead Fusionette out)
Office @ Faultline

This place looks mostly normal, but there are subtle clues that after hours, this is a gathering place for the strange underground cult called the Lost.

Mission Complete: You rescued Fusionette!

ClueI just missed it!

Fusionette was so determined to tell Jim Temblor what she'd learned, she couldn't help but tell you, too:

'Jimmy's been looking for something ever since... Well, ever since Overbrook was destroyed. It's a recording of the last battle, when Faultline destroyed everything. Oh, he doesn't want it for anything morbid. No, Jimmy, you see, his Dad was there when it all went down. All Jimmy wants is to know what happened. We learned that the Lost had scavenged the area it happened in, so I went to see if they had the tape. They did, but I just missed it! One of their big shots is interested in seeing it, too. Some guy called 'Kurse.' Don't know why he's interested, but I think he has the tape now.

Jim Tremblor

I got a call from Fusionette. She told me that she's fine, thanks to you. So I owe you for that. She also said that the Lost did have the tape, but now that some lost leader called Kurse has it. And then she told me that she's going to go get it by herself. Yeah, impulsive. She's in no shape to fight again, it's too soon. All I wanted was to find out what happened to my Dad. I didn't want her to get hurt doing it.

Thanks for helping. I know I can be kinda hard to get along with, but, ah, thanks.

Keep Fusionette from getting killed

Jim Tremblor

Fusionette's gone after the tape of the battle with Faultline on her own, and she's gonna get herself killed. Look, you've already helped me out a lot, Red Tomax, and this is a lot to ask of anyone, but you may be the only one who can help her!

'Nettie didn't tell me where she was going, but I've heard of this Kurse guy when I was investigating the Lost. I know where he often hangs out. I can show you where you need to go.

Part 2: Defeat Kurse (Find Fusionette, Defeat Kurse)
Abandoned office @ Faultline

It feels like there was a battle here you just missed. But the sounds of power blasts in the distance tell you the battle's not over yet.

Objective: You expected Kurse to have the tape, but found nothing!

Mission Complete: Arbiter Sands had a message for you after you defeated Kurse.

Clue 'I also need revenge...'

When you saw an Arachnos Arbiter, you were sure it would be the start of a deadly battle. Instead, Arbiter Sands offered to work with you to defeat Kurse:

'Yes, to answer your question, I am an Arbiter. As such, my purpose is to act on the will of Lord Recluse, yet to stay above the petty bickering that so often consumes Arachnos. While I cannot tell you what I was doing here, I can tell you that my squad was wiped out by the Lost Leader Kurse. We were set up, I suspect as a distraction for the Lost, but I need to know the full motivation. I also need revenge. So, instead of the normal battle we'd have, let's work together to defeat a mutual foe.

Clue'I am so embarrassed!'

When you found Fusionette, she had some interesting things to say:

'I can't believe I got captured again! I am so embarrassed! I just know Ms. Liberty's gonna give me that look next time I go for training! Jeez! And I know Jimmy's going to be all 'you're-too-impulsive.' Still, I was kind of hoping he might come himself. I guess he's just too worried to really use his powers. Not that I blame him. Anyways, I know that Kurse guy is here, so that means the tape's here. Let's get that thing!'

ClueNocturne will have the tape...

Just before he activated his teleport beacon to escape, Arbiter Sands said something to you:

'That origami spider is Nocturne's calling card. I suspected as much. She's a Night Widow, an assassin. Very dangerous. Well, I cannot prove she tried to have me eliminated along with the rest of my squad, so the best I can do is a bit of turn-about. Nocturne will have the tape you're looking for, and she'll be leaving for her extraction point soon. If you want some answers, I'd recommend you try to stop her. And what is this? I seem to have dropped a map to the extraction point somewhere. It would be unfortunate if a hero were to succeed in stopping her, but the philosophy of Arachnos is survival of the fittest. You'll just have to find out how fit she is.

Jim Tremblor

Fusionette's okay. Maybe she'll listen to her doctor next time. Anyway, I have to thank you for that. And now Arachnos is mixed up in all of this? I didn't know it was gonna be anything like this. I just don't know what to do, but this 'Nocturne' person has the only thing left that could tell me what happened to my father, and if Arachnos is interested, it's gotta be stopped, right?

You've done a lot to help me. Fusionette was my only friend for a long time. I'm glad that isn't true anymore. Thanks.

Stop Nocturne and get the tape

Jim Tremblor

This next thing, it's pretty big. I don't know much about Arachnos, but I know enough to be worried that they'd want the tape of what happened to my Dad. I guess we're just lucky their infighting gave us a clue where it is now. If Arbiter Sands was telling the truth, then the Arachnos agent is about to make her getaway. Stopping her is the only chance left for me to find out what happened to my Dad, and for you to stop whatever Arachnos is up to. There might still be some time, so you might want to get some friends. This Nocturne the Night Widow sounds pretty tough.

According to Arbiter Sands, Nocturne is planning to take a route through the sewers to her pick-up point near the waterline. You'll have to stop her before she can escape, and probably take out her means of escape, too. Fusionette's still in the hospital after everything that's happened. I wish I could go with you myself, but... I'd just be a problem. I'm sorry.

Part 3: Stop Nocturne's Escape! (Defeat Nocturne, Destroy Escape Craft)
Instanced Outdoor [Faultline] @ Faultline

Arachnos! It turns your stomach to think of those butchers in Paragon City.

Objective: You defeated Nocturne, and found the tape!

ClueA battered video tape

This video tape has caused a lot of fighting. It's supposed to be security camera footage that shows the battle with Faultline himself right before the disaster, and show Jim Temblor just what happened to his father. In the interest of finding out what Arachnos wanted it for, you found a VCR that can play it. Most of the images are lost to damage on the tape, but you find a section near the end that still has some information.

The final minutes of the tape show several heroes and villains squaring off inside an old hero base, probably underground. Through the static, you can see that one of the villains is holding some kind of strange device that's radiating light. In the center of the scene you see Faultline in his Faultbreaker shock-suit, just as he's losing control. Faultline falls to his knees in obvious pain as the camera starts to shake. The ceiling starts to collapse, the other villain with the widget is crushed beneath debris, and the camera falls to the ground. From this angle, only now do you notice that there's a boy holding onto Faultline's arm, trying to pull the villain up. Just as the ceiling is about to give way, Faultline picks up the child and hands the boy to someone you recognize as a young Blue Steel! As static consumes the last of the image, the boy cries out to his dying father and the resolute lawman takes the child to safety. As the image fades, the resemblance hits you. That boy in the video is a younger Jim Temblor.

Mission Complete: You defeated Nocturne the Night Widow and recovered the tape from Arachnos!

Jim Tremblor

Red Tomax! You got it!

Did you watch it? With all that you've done, you deserve to. And you also deserve to hear the truth from me, too. You probably figured it out already. I said that I lost my Father when Faultline destroyed Overbrook with his earthquake devices. That's because my father was Faultline.

I don't really remember it, even now. I was just a kid, I didn't know my Dad was a villain! Just that he was my Dad, you know? It still doesn't make sense. I mean, Dad was always so nice. I have all these memories about him doing great things. And Earthquake devices? Dad had his old Faultbreaker suit, but it was only an amplifier. He was a mutant.

Like me.

I've been afraid of what happened to him my whole life, afraid I'd do the same thing. Now I'll know. You saved my girl, and given me this. Thanks, Red Tomax.

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