Rescue the mystics


Temporary Powers

Undead Slaying Axe Undead Slaying Axe
Melee, Moderate DMG(Lethal), Bonus vs True Undead

Track down the Pantheon and rescue the mystics

Laura Brunetti

Several mystical and occult researchers have recently disappeared while attending a conference on early human religions. The surviving security guard's description points to the culprits being the Banished Pantheon. Fortunately, I have a lead on where they may be holding the kidnap victim. Someone has to track down the Pantheon and rescue those mystics. There won't be much time, maybe 75 minutes at most before the Pantheon completes their sacrifices. Can you do it?

You'll need to find all of the occult researchers and rescue all of them from the Banished Pantheon. I fear the only way to preserve their safety in the long term will be to defeat all of the Pantheon's creatures who took part in the researcher's abduction. Move fast. No one survives in the Pantheon's clutches for long.

Here's something to help you out. This Undead Slaying Axe has served the city's defenders before. Use it to save those mystics.

Undead Slaying Axe Undead Slaying Axe
Melee, Moderate DMG(Lethal), Bonus vs True Undead
Part 1: Defeat all Pantheon cultists
Cavern @ Random Banished Pantheon

You feel like you're being watched, and not by a human being. It feels like an otherworldly presence, one that watches with an unspeakable hunger.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Banished Pantheon and rescued the mystics.

Mystical Savior
Awarded for completing the mission.
Laura Brunetti

If you hadn't been there, I doubt any of those people would have been seen again. One of the occult researchers you saved, Professor Harker, thinks they were abducted because of their knowledge. The Pantheon may have been trying to feed its masters more magical skill and learning. If that's the case, then the whole city owes you for htis one.

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