• CategoryOther
  • ContactsEfficiency Expert Pither (Grandville)
  • Level Range45 - 50
  • Badge Efficiency Expert You have proven yourself efficient by succeeding at all of Mr. Pither's timed tasks.

Kidnap Diocletian

Efficiency Expert Pither

The Council is working with a retired US Army general, who they have code-named Diocletian. Our wiretaps have just uncovered his location is in a building here in Grandville. We must know what he knows, his intelligence is priceless to Arachnos. I have tasked you to go and kidnap Diocletian and bring him to the waiting hands of Arachnos. We have a very short extraction window, so you'd best hurry up. You have 30 minutes to complete this mission.

The Council won't risk harm to Diocletian, but I can't say they won't be gunning for you.

Part 1: Kidnap Diocletian - 30:00 (Kidnap Diocletian)
Council Base @ Grandville

This is the Council base, you'd best be quick if you want to get Dioclecian out within the extraction window.

Mission Complete: You have kidnapped the general code-named Diocletian from the Council.

Efficiency Expert
Awarded for completing all 5 of Efficiency Expert Pither's timed missions
Efficiency Expert Pither

Well done, Dread Tomax. Diocletian is currently being 'debriefed' by our best interrogators. He started singing almost right away too. Apparently he had some nasty rumors about the FBSA being corrupted from within, and even the Freedom Phalanx was being watched by the US Intelligence Agencies.

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