Make a ruckus


Make a ruckus for Malta forces in Peregrine Island


I can't tell you why I need this or what it'sall about, Red Tomax, but I need you to cause a bit of a disturbance for Malta's private army around Peregrine Island. Just sort of head over there and crack some heads. You know, make a ruckus. you can make a ruckus, can't you?

I knew you'd be up for it. Okay, this should be really easy. Just head over to Peregrine Island and look for trouble.

Part 1: Cause trouble for Malta in Peregrine Island (Defeat 50 Malta Operatives)
Defeat X @ Peregrine Island

Mission Complete: You have caused enough of a ruckus with Malta's private army for the moment.


That was quite informative, Red Tomax. Malta's reaction told me a lot about what they think of you. They're trying hard to keep an eye on your actions, and making interesting assumptions about what you do and don't know. You'll be gratified to know that they regard you as a major threat. If you realy can judge a person by their enemies, then you have to be a very good person to know.

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