Speak to Laurence Mansfield


Speak to Laurence Mansfield

Susan Davies

I need you to go speak to Laurence Mansfield. He has a lead on a missing persons case that caught my attention; it's the third such report in the last week. Oh, and welcome to ELITE, Enhanced Logistics for Insight and Tactical Excellence.

Do whatever Larry asks, then report back to me.

Part 1: Speak to Laurence Mansfield
Delivery @ Atlas Park
Laurence Mansfield

Thanks for your help, Red Tomax. All the leads so far point to an abandoned office building right here in Atlas Park. Go over there and see what you can find. The last person to go missing is a reporter named Andre Iverson; keep your eyes out for him.

Part 2: Check out abandoned office (Locate Andre Iverson)
Warehouse @ Atlas Park Council

You hear the marching of booted feet on concrete.

Objective: I've got to tell you about this place!

ClueAndre Iverson conversation

Andre Iverson told you:

'I swear, I never meant to get involved with the Council! I was just writing an article on the Paragon City government, and I guess I asked too many questions about the wrong officials! One of their officers came to see me last night; he said I could join them or die!

They were planning to take me to a big training base right here in Atlas Park. There may be other people there who the Council recruited against their will!'

Mission Complete: You found Andre Iverson.

Part 3: Defeat all Council soldiers
@ Atlas Park Council

The floor has just been swept, and you can smell a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Looks like the Council is preparing this place for a larger occupancy.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Council.

Susan Davies

I've just started hearing about the Council, Red Tomax, but it seems like they're a bold group. Just recently, they managed to take over another villain organization entirely! On the plus side, fighting those Council soldiers seems to have improved your combat technique.

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