Psychic Disturbance


Find source of psychic disturbance

Regent Korol

I've heard voices, strange voices, reverberating to me from across my psychic network. They speak in alien voices, whispering across voids and dimensions. These voices confuse me, cause me pain. They must be silenced!

I have found a nexus point where these voices are strongest. There is one there who is known as Gr'pth'r... Go to this place and silence these voices!

Go now, my pet! Silence the voices in my mind!

Part 1: Find source of psychic disturbance (Destroy relay, Defeat Gr'pth'r)
Abandoned Warehouse @ Grandville Rikti

This old warehouse reeks of filth and even less identifiable smells.

Objective: You destroyed the dimensional relay!

Objective: You defeated Gr'pth'r!

ClueThe Rikti Plan

The Rikti were secretly tapping into the Arachnos communication web with the psychic relays in an effort to set up inter-dimensional coordinates for a mass teleportation sequence.

Mission Complete: You found the source of the psychic disturbance!

Regent Korol

You have silenced the voices. All is well.

This Gr'pth'r intended to make a teleportation relay using my web? MY WEB? Filthy, dirty, Rikti!

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