Runaway Arachnoids


Exerminate runaway Arachnoids

Terrence Dobbs

Those Arachnoids get into everywhere! I just got word that a bunhc of 'em snuck aboard a cargo ship heading to Paragon City. I think Arachnos wants to keep their problems to themselves, 'cause I just got a call from 'em asking me to take care of the problem before the heroes find out. Head over to Paragon City and get rid of those Arachnoids!

It's only a matter of time before the heroes find out about the Arachnoids there. You have 60 minutes to complete this mission.

Arachnos wants to kep the lid on this, so take care of any witnesses you come across too, okay? There's a boat waitin' at the docks for you. Once you get to Paragon City, head over the this old warehouse where the Arachnoids have holed up and exterminate 'em!

Part 1: Defeat all Arachnoids and witnesses - 1:00:00
Abandoned Warehouse @ Grandville Arachnoids

You hear an inhuman scream echo through the warehouse. FInd and eliminate the Arachnoids before the heroes find them!

Mission Complete: You exterminated the Arachnoids!

Terrence Dobbs

You cleared 'em out? Great job, Dread Tomax! Thanks for taking care of those pests!

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