Charlie Biggs: Rival Exterminator


Notable Foes

Take down rival exterminator

Terrence Dobbs

So you think I'd have the local pest control market all locked up, right? There's this new guy named Charlie Biggs who has come to town and set up a rival extermination business! Now, I normally don't mind a bit of competition, but this guy is undercutting my prices by a huge margin. This won't stand!

I found out where the new guy is doing a job right now. head over there and 'persuade' him to take his business elsewhere!

Say what you will about him, Biggs is a pretty heavy-duty exterminator. He might have a trick or two up his sleeve that'd even take you out, so you might want to grab a buddy to help you with this!

Tell that bum to stay outta the Rogue Isles!

Part 1: Take down rival exterminator (Defeat Charlie Biggs)
Arachnoid Nest @ Grandville Arachnoids,Independent

You hear the skittering of Arachnoids in the distance. Find Biggs and run him out of town!

Charlie Biggs [Boss]
Charlie biggs is the new exterminator on the block and a rival to Terrence Dobbs. This town ain't big enough for the both of them!

Mission Complete: You took down the rival exterminator!

Terrence Dobbs

You sent Biggs packin'? Hah! I would've paid good money to see the look on his face! I bet he was REAL steamed! Now Dobbs is the only game in this town! Hehe!

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