BrassTack Technology


Destory BrassTack technology

Kelly Uqua

Crey Industries strives to be at the forefront of many areas of technology, but we have many competitors. normally, we attempt to bring these competitors into Crey throgh buy-outs, so that we can better distribute their new technologies and they can leverage Crey's greater resources. It's a win-win situation!

However, sometimes a competitor is not willign to listen to our fair and reasonable offers. At such times, we're often forced to make certain that they leave the competitive sphere of business. BrssTrack technology has been unreasonable. They must leave their present sphere of business. I'd like to retain your services to ensure that they do so.

Thank you, Dread Tomax, your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated. BreasTrack Technology has been very porblematic. They have been patenting inventions before Crey Industries in several fields. They were unwilling to listen to our offers, and so, must be closed down. Your missing is simple. Eradicate everyone in their main office in Aeon City. Resistance should be minimal.

Part 1: Destroy BrassTrack Technology
Office @ Cap au Diable Nemesis,Nemesis Automatons

Everything says that this should be easy. But something doesn't seem right.

Mission Complete: You have destoryed BrassTrack technology.

Kelly Uqua

BrassTrack technology was staffed by Nemesis Imposter Automatons? Somehow, I'm not surprised. It would explain why they were able to file patents so well. Despite the antique stylings Nemesis has some of the mosst advanced technology humanity has ever created. It is surprising that it was a trap. Let me apologise to you for that. that was my fault, and it shouldn't have happened.

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