Freakshow Modifications


Find out who's modifying the Freakshow

Kelly Uqua

I recently found out about a strange development out on Sharkhead Isle. Crey Industries doens't maintain a strong presence there, so that opens the door for some freelance work. Isn't that lucky for you? It seems that there are reports that some Freakshow have gotten hold of Rikti technology, and are now attempting to integrate it into their crude cybernetic systems. If they succeed, it could cause a great deal of trouble for people like myself who often need to acquire Rikti technology. I want you to find out who's doing this, and convince them to stop.

Once you've found out, confront the person responsible. The Freakshow aren't likely to talk, but you may find out some information from a leader.

Part 1: Get info from Freaks (Defeat Freak Leader)
Abandoned Warehouse @ Sharkhead Isle Freakshow

This place is trashed, even for somewhere Freaks are hanging out.

Objective: t3h R1k70-Fr34k had a few words fo you before he shut down.

Clue1 w1l1 t3l1 u 4l1 u n33d.

After you defeated him, 't3h R1k70-Fr34k' told you what you needed to know. Well, at least you think he did:

'U R t3h w0rthy f0e. i w1l1 t3l1 u 4l1 u n33d. 1 ws r3bu1lt by D0c70r Buzzs4w. Bu7 1 4ks th4t u Sp4r3 h3r L1f3. 1f n0t 4 m3, ht3n 4 t3h w)lRd. T3h l00se 0f h3r g3n1us w0lud b3 a l00se 4 4ll hUm4nt1y.'

You're pretty sure you picked up something about Doc Buzzsaw in there. Knowing what you do about her, it would fit that she'd be the one behind his.

Mission Complete: You found out who's responsible for the Rikti tech modifications.

Part 2: Lean on Doc Buzzsaw
Delivery @ Sharkhead Isle
Doc Buzzsaw

Ah, Dread Tomax! It's good to see you! Might I ask what this is about? I'm quite busy transforming enthusiastic customers into armoured juggernaughts of destruction.

Ah, the 'RiktiFreak' idea. Well, I was rather surprised how well that went. They hadn't even rebelled and tried to kill me, as is often the case in this line of work. Sadly, I was just about out of materials. I would gladly share my finding with your employer in exchange for more items of Rikti Technology. Or, if this is more of a 'Stop now or die', well, I won't hold a grudge. It was fun while it lasted.

Kelly Uqua

I'm rather amazed how reasonable this 'Doc Buzzsaw' was. She seems like quite a colourful character. I'll have to speak to my superiors about this situation. Perhaps an arrangement can be made.

You handled this extremely well, Dread Tomax. Thank you again.

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