Sold for a Song


  • CategoryStory Arc
  • FlashbackVisit Ouroborus to Flashback to this story
  • IntroducedIssue 6
  • ContactsHardcase (St. Martial)
  • Level Range30 - 35

Collect demonic essence


I'm here with the demons around Str. Martial, but I can't solve the problem until I have a better understanding of what makes these demons tick. Take this pendant - it was created to capture the essence of Wailer Demons you defeat. There's an old warehouse nearby which has been overrun with Wailers. Steal the essence of all the Wailers there and return the crystal pendant to me. Once the crystal pendant is full, I'll be able to get a better idea of what we're dealing with.

A warning: the demons can sense the nature of the pendant, so they may come after you!

Part 1: Collect demonic essence
Abandoned warehouse @ St. Martial Circle of Thorns,Wailers

You see small shapes scuttling in the shadows.

Mission Complete: You filled the crystal pendant!

ClueFull Crystal Pendant

This is a crystal pendant created by the demon hunter Hardcase. It is used to collect the magical essence of demon's you defeat. It is now full, it's crystal blackened by the demnic energies it contains.


Interrogate Circle of Thorns


I may be an expert demon hunter, but there are others who know more about demons. That'd be the Circle of Thorns - their whole shtick is about souls and demons. I want to know what they know about the demons running about St. Martial. Interrogate the Circle of Thorns about the Wailers.

There are some powerful Circle mystics here on St. Martial and on the Nerva Archipelago.

The Circle makes deals with demons constantly. They're our best source on the Wailers.

Part 2: Defeat Circle of Thorns (Defeat 30 Circle of Thorns)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: ?

ClueInterrogation of Karvost

Karvost learned to control the Wailers from a tome known as the Tolshak Mysteries. It is hidden in a Circle of Thorns temple beneath Sharkhead Isle.






Part 3: Steal Tolshak Mysteries
Oranbega @ Nerva Archipelago

This ancient Circle of Thorns temple smells of mold and incense.

Objective: You found the Tolshak Mysteries!

ClueTolshak Mysteries

This ancient and musty-smelling tome is filled with occult ciphers that would take years for the uninitiated to interpret. According to Karvost the Mystic, it unlocks key secrets of demonology.

Mission Complete: You stole the Tolshak Mysteries!


Ah, the Tolshak Mysteries! It'll take me a little bit ot time to decipher the occult siphers, but it should be able to provide me more info on the Wailers.

Rescue Daniel Hawthorn


You've been getting some good info on these Wailers. You got more information on the nature of the demons through the resonance crystal, and tracking down and stealing the Tolshak Mysteries from the Circle of Thorns was very valuable. But we need to know more.

I got some idiot who came to me screaming about making a deal with the devil, and how he wants out. He was all paranoid, and took off on me when he thought he saw something on a rooftop looking down at him. If we rescue his sorry self, we might be able to get some detail on the contract he made with the demons. Rescue Daniel Hawthorn from the Wailers.

Last time I saw him he was heading off towards the slums of St. Martial. You can take this truck there.

Part 4: Rescue Daniel Hawthorn
Instanced Outdoor [Mercy Island] @ St. Martial

The screams of Wailer demons echo down the streets.

Mission Complete: You rescued Daniel Hawthorn!


So, they want to break one of the seals on the Golden Gize, eh? Demons are sometimes bound by seals - perhaps someone wants to keep them bound to the Giza? I need more info.

Get info from Tarixus


We got some good info on these Wailers: they have a resonance having to do with sound and music, and they're trying to break the seals on the Golden Giza. We got what the Circle of Thorns know about them from the Tolshak Mysteries, though it's going to take a while to unlock those secrets.

There's another source we ain't tapped yet. You heard of the Archmage Tarixus? He's a ghostly dude with some major mojo back on Sharkhead. He might be able to provide us with some insight - for a price. There's always a price. Get whatever information Tarixus can provide.

Do whatever that old ghost might tell ya. It might be dangerous, but it shouldn't be anything you can't handle, right?

Part 5: Visit Archmage Tarixus
Delivery @ Sharkhead Isle
Archmage Tarixus

I am aware of Hardcase's wishes. Yes, I can provide you with assistance by performing a divination on the seals of the Golden Giza. However, I wish you to do something for me first.

The Circle of Thorns have been trying to gain control over my spirit form. Even now they perform rituals in the hopes of destroying my magical wards. I wish to punish them for their insolence! Go to Primeva and cull the Circle of Thorns! Once you have done this, I will perform the divinition and tell Hardcase the results.

Part 6: Defeat Circle on Primeva (Defeat 30 Circle of Thorns)
Defeat X @ Sharkhead Isle

Mission Complete: You have punished the Circle of Thorns!


I have received the results of the divination from Tarixus! The seals aren't meant to bind the Wailers to the GOlden Giza - they're there to keep the demons out of Babylon! Something the demons want is inside the Golden Giza, and it's only the seals that are keeping them out. If the seals break, it means that St. Martial is going to be overrun with demons, and we're ALL dead.

Steal Babylon property records


So someone wants to keep the Wailer demons out of Babylon, eh? I'd like to find out who. I found out where the property records for Babylon are being kept - this may provide us a link to whoever financed the building of the Golden Giza. Raid the office where the property records are being kept.

You might have to deal with some private security there. A lot of money flows around St. Martial, so you can be sure these guys are top-notch.

Part 7: Steal Babylon property records
Office @ St. Martial

The office smells of polish and carpet cleaner.

Objective: You found nothing.

Objective: You found something!

ClueBabylon Property Files

The property files indicate Babylon had received considerable funding from none other than the Golden Giza's star singer, Johnny Sonata! A conditional clause was included requesting specific architectural modifications and additions which includes the obelisks and seals on the pyramid itself.

Mission Complete: You found the Babylon property files!


So Johnny Sonata is the guy who financed the building of the wards? Huh. It sounds like the demons are after him, likely because of some deal he made which came due.

Normally I'd just deal with this problem by killing Johnny. Johnny is a demon-caller, and I got no respect for them. Johnny is dead, his soul is released, and the demons have nothing to go after. But you can bet johnny has got some sort of supernatural backup. Also, if the wailers have been after Johnny this long, they may just tear St. Martial apart in frenzy after losing Johnny's soul!

I guess until we find some way to kill this pact between Johnny and the Wailers, we'll stick to hunting demons.

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