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Discover source of disturbance

Psymon Omega

I have senses which are highly attuned to psychic manifestations. Earlier today I sensed a disturbance coming from Sharkhead. Discover the source of these psychic emanations.

This may be something valuable or dangerous. Or both.

Part 1: Discover source of disturbance
Instanced Outdoor [Hell Forge] @ Sharkhead Isle Arachnos,Longbow,Freakshow,Vindicators

This part of the Hell Forge is overrun with Freakshow.

Objective: You found something!

ClueStrange Crystals

These crystals are still encrusted with dirt from the Pit. They seem to sing in you rmind.

Mission Complete: You have discovered the source of the psychic disturbance!

Psymon Omega

What are these crystals? They resonate with psychic energy! I must know more..

Steal geological records

Psymon Omega

These crystals you discovered in the Pit on Sharkhead Isle are amazing. While they contain some trace amounts of psychic energy, they seem to be able to do much more. I must know if there have been other similar finds, and by whom. Break into the local surveyor office and find any record of strange geological discoveries.

The only thing you'll have to worry about is security guards. Of course, these are Rogue Isles security guards...

Part 2: Steal geological records
Office @ Sharkhead Isle

You slip into the offices of the Rogue Isles Survey Company.

Objective: You found nothing

Objective: You found something!

ClueGeological Records

These geological records indicate there were crystals found previously which match the ones you found in the Pit on Sharkhead. They were secured by Longbow and taken to a local research base.

Mission Complete: You got the survey information!

Psymon Omega

A previous crystal discovery was secured by Longbow? They must have realized its potential power. We must find out what they have discovered!

Interrogate Longbow scientist

Psymon Omega

Longbow has been doing research on psi-crystals like the ones you found in the Pit on Sharkhead. I want to know what they have discovered so we can unlock the secrets of the crystals. Break into the Longbow base and interrogate the research scientist.

I've mind-controlled the crew of a sub at Agincourt to allow you to reach the research base. Get moving.

Part 3: Interrogate Longbow scientist
Longbow Underwater Base @ Nerva Archipelago

You leave the sub and enter into the Longbow research base.

Longbow Ballista [Elite Boss]
The Ballista are Longbow's heaviest hitters. These tankers are tough enough to withstand direct hits from rocket launchers, and can dish out enough damage to take out the toughest brute Arachnos can throw at them.

Mission Complete: You interrogated the scientist!

Psymon Omega

GIFT is doing the research now? Well, they'll probably get better results than those incompetent fools at Longbow.

Interrogate GIFT researcher

Psymon Omega

GIFT works with some of the top mutant psychics around - it's no wonder Longbow shipped the psi-crystals over to them. I need to find out what the GIFT researchers have discovered about the crystals. Break into the GIFT research center and interrogate the head researcher.

I sense we are close to finding something very important.

Part 4: Interrogate GIFT researcher (Interrogate GIFT researcher)
Office @ Nerva Archipelago

Somewhere in the office is the GIFT researcher who has information on the psi-crystals.

Mission Complete: You got the research data!

Psymon Omega

Ah, so the psi-crystal can be used to steal psychic energies? Most interesting. I think I have a plan.

Steal components, defeat guards

Psymon Omega

Now that I know what the psi-crystals can be used for, I have a plan to take out a certain heroic rival of mine named Aurora Borealis. I understand she's doing work at a hospital for victims for Rikti experimentations, which gives me an idea. Dr. Aeon has developed a device called a Psionic Activator which unlocks psychic potential in psi-latent targets. Unfortunately, the device does so at the cost of the person's sanity, leaving them nothing more than a ravening monster. This fits perfectly into my plan! Break into the Arachnos lab and steal the components for the Psionic Activator.

Arachnos troops guard Aeon labs. Do not do them permanent harm, as we do not wish to raise the ire of Lord Recluse.

Part 5: Steal components, defeat guards (3 components to steal, defeat guards to escape)
Arachnos base @ St. Martial

Boots of Arachnos troops recede into the distance.

Objective: You found something

CluePsionic Activator Components

These are the components for Dr. Aeon's Psionic Activator. This deice when constructed is capable of awakening psychic talents wihin psi-latent targets, but at the cost of their sanity. It also has rumoured to have disturbing side-effects!

Mission Complete: You found the components for the Psionic Activator!

Psymon Omega

Ah, the components for the Psionic Activator. This should be child's play for me to put togther. Give me a moment.

Defeat Aurora Borealis and allies

Psymon Omega

It's time to put my plan into action! I will lay lo wmy psychic rival, the famous Aurora Borealis! She's meddled in my plans for far too long! Aurora Borealis is currently in a Paragon City hospital helping victims of Rikti experimentation. Her pathetic sympathy shall be her downfall! I will give you the Psionic Activator you stole from the Aeon lab - use it on the Rikti experimentation victims and you'll gain allies for your fight against Aurora Borealis and her Longbow compatriots!

Know that the fight against urora Borealis will not be an easy one. You might require aid from other villains in order to defeat her.

When you have defeated her, I will feed upon her psychic energies through the psi-crystals.

Psymon Omega gives you the Psionic Activator!

Part 6: Defeat Aurora Borealis and allies (Use Psionic Activator on 5 Stasis Tubes)
Laboratory @ Nerva Archipelago

This high-tech hospital was created to help victims of Rikti experimentation.

Objective: The stasis tude is destroyed!

Aurora Borealis [Hero]
Before the Rikti War, Aurora Scott was just a fledgling hero doing her best for the city she loved. Afterward, she was something else entirely. Aurora played host to Sister Psyche's mind after the Freedom Phalanx heroine was injured in the war. After gladly sacrificing her autonomy so that Sister Psyche could continue to serve, Aurora's just now returning to her own life. And she's got a few bones to pick with the villains who flourished in her absence.

Mission Complete: You have defeated Aurora Borealis!

Psymon Omega

Ah, the sweet taste of Aurora Borealis' psychic energies. It's like a nectar for the mind. Deliciuos.

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