On the Trail of the Leviathan


Interrogate Circle of Thorns

Operative Kirkland

As you may have noticed, there is much activity on Sharkhead Isle from the Circle of Thorns, a faction of mystics that have taken over Potter's Field. From my briefing on them, they tend to gather in places of magical importance, close to ley lines, places of power, etc. I want to know why the Circle of Thorns are gathered on Sharkhead Isle. Interrogate the Circle of Thorns minions and ifnd out what they know.

You have the authority from Arachnos to use lethal force.

Part 1: Interrogate Circle of Thorns (Defeat 20 Circle of Thorns)
Defeat X Circle of Thorns

Mission Complete: You found the necessary information!

Operative Kirkland

It sounds like Circle of Thorns are firmly entrenched within Potter's Field in anticipation of this entity. I'll need to report this to my superiors.

Find Information on Circle entity

Operative Kirkland

Your Interrogation of the Circle of Thorns in Potter's Field has yielded good information. We now know that they are researching the coming of powerful entity in their caves beneath Potter's Field. But we need to know more. Invade a known Circle of Thorns lair and find more information on the entity they are researching.

The Circle of Thorns have always been very reticent about giving up their secrets. Expect heavy resistance.

Part 2: Find information on Circle entity (3 chests to search)
Tunnels @ Sharkhead Isle Circle of Thorns

Stone grinds upon stone.
The Circle lair lies open.
Damp, cold air greets you.

Objective: You found nothing of interest.

Objective: You found the Tokarii Scrolls!

ClueTokarii Scrolls

The Tokarii Scrolls tell of a powerful and voracious creature that was entombed under Sharkhead Isle in ages past. The prophet Tokarri speaks of a time when this great beast will break free of its prison and consume everything that lies in its path.

Mission Complete: You have found the necessary information!

Operative Kirkland

These scrolls indicate that we may have a high-threat supernatural entity to deal with. Fine work, Dread Tomax. You are a credit to Arachnos intelligence.

Seek answers in Legacy Chain hideout

Operative Kirkland

You've been most instrumental in uncovering the pieces of information on this creature supposedly entombed beneath Sharkhead Isle. Your interrogation of the Circle of Thorns and uncovering the Tokarii Scrolls has provided much needed knowledge for Arachnos. But there is another source of mystic information that we haven't squeezed yet. The Legacy Chain is a known vigilante group operating in the Rogue Isles, claiming to represent the mystic forces of Order. They posses arcane resources that differ from the Circle of Thorns lore, and may be able to provide us with more information regarding this supernatural threat. Dread Tomax, I appoint you as a temporary representative of Arachnos, and give you authority to invade a known Legacy safehouse, interrogate the head Legacy Tellus, and seize any relevant documents pertaining to the entity we seek.

As an appointed representative of Arachnos for this mission, do act professionally. That is, be efficient and ruthless.

Part 3: Seek answers in Legacy Chain hideout (5 bookcases to search, interrogate Tellus)
Office @ Sharkhead Isle Legacy Chain

The air is heavy with incence. you notice mystic sigils carved into the doorway. There are definitely mystics present.

Objective: You found nothing of interest.

Objective: You interrogate the Legacy Chain Tellus.

Objective: You found the Nezrix Parchment!

Mission Complete: You found the answers you seek!

Operative Kirkland

Excellent work, Dread Tomax! This should give Arachnos enough to go on. Arachnos thanks you for your service.

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