Recover Arachnos' Files from Wyvern


Recover Arachnos files from Wyvern hideout

Operative Kirkland

We've got a problem. Wyvern mercenaries have broken into one of the Arachnos bases and fled to Nerva Isle with some encrypted files. It's only a matter of time before Wyvern cracks the encryption on the files. The problem is that they've also sabotaged our troop transport! Head to the Wyvern hideout and recover the files before it's too late.

You have 75 minutes to complete this mission.

Those files could hurt Arachnos if they fell into the wrong hands. Get them back ASAP.

Part 1: Recover Arachnos files from Wyvern hideout - 1:15:00 (Stop the Wyvern Boss from escaping! )
Abandoned Office @ Nerva Archipelago Wyvern

The dust on the floor of this abandoned warehouse was recently disturbed. You're definitively not alone here.

Mission Complete: You got the Arachnos files!

Operative Kirkland

Fine work, Dread Tomax. Wyvern never knew what hit them.

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