Destroy the Longbow office in Paragon City


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Destroy the Longbow office

Operative Kirkland

As you may know, there is no love lost between Arachnos and Longbow. They often stick their nose into Arachnos operations, causing no end of trouble for Lord Recluse. Arachnos has acquired the location of one of the main Longbow administrative branches in Paragon City, and would like to initiate a sabotage operation. Proceed to Paragon City and destroy the Longbow office.

Arachnos will of course disavow any knowledge of this operation, so don't get caught.

Part 1: Destroy Longbow office (3 bombs to plant, 3 assets to destroy)
Office @ Sharkhead Isle Longbow

This looks like a regular business office, but you know the truth: Longbow central.

Mission Complete: You destroyed the Longbow base!

Operative Kirkland

Another excellent piece of work, Dread Tomax! Now let's speak no more of this to anyone.

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