The D-Rifter


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Secure Dr. Egon's Lab

Golden Roller

Here's a big score. Ever heard of Dr. Carl Egon? He was a brilliant scientist that came to the Rogue Islands in the late 80's. Unfortunately he got on the wrong side of Randall Kirchoff, the governor of the island at the time, and the two became bitter archenemies. It ended when Egon created an interdimensional rift in the governor's watchtower and released a bunch of aliens that tore Kirchoff apart. Arachnos was forced to go in a nd mop up the aliens, while Egon was captured and executed for treason.

It was rumored that Egon had a lab hidden somewhere in the Rogue Islands that contained his high-tech wizardry, including his infamous D-Rifter that caused the massacre at Kirchoff's tower. The problem was that no one was able to find it... until now. We think we've found it here in Cap Au Diable, and the Goldbrickers want that technological goldmine! The D-Rifter has been shifting Egon's lab through dimensional space, and it's only a matter of time before it 'jumps' again. The Goldbrickers will go in to salvage the tech once the lab is secured.

You have 90 minutes to complete this mission.

There's been a lot of mysterious disappearances associated with Egon's lab. There's no telling what you may find in there.

Part 1: Shut down the D-Rifter (Destroy the D-Rifter)


Mission Complete: Missing

Golden Roller

Excellent work! The Goldbrickers will secure the lab and start harvesting the technology it has to offer.

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