Defend supply depot to buff hero damage


Defeat all Arachnos is supply warehouse within 60 minutes

Warzone Agent Goddard

Arachnos has over-run one of our supply caches that was full of important equipment. You've got to defeat all the Arachnos troops in there so we can get it back. If you can do it, not only will it help us, it will also boost the damage of all heroes in the zone by 1%. It adds up, and helps to counter villain attempts to undermine us. We have several operations that need the equipment in that warehouse, so you'll have to finish this within 60 minutes.

Nothing fancy here. Just defeat this all and drive them out. You have 60 minutes. You'd better get moving

Part 1: Defeat all Arachnos is warehouse - 1:00:00
Longbow base @ Warburg

All of these supplies will be lost if you don't clear Arachnos out of here quickly.

Mission Complete: You pushed Arachnos out in time!

Agent Provocateur
Awarded for completing the mission
Warzone Agent Goddard

You really saved the day on that one, Red Tomax. This battle isn't over, but we're a bit closer to winning.

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