Patrol Warburg


Temporary Powers

Hyper Phase Hyper Phase
Toggle: Self Intangible, +SPD

Patron 5 waypoints in Warburg

Warzone Agent Goddard

Constant patrols are necessary to monitor villain acivity in Warburg. We've set up a series of waypoints that will mark a patrol route for you.

We've set your waypoints. Keep your eyes open, and learn the terrain.

You may see villains out there. You don't have to engage them to finish the mission, but that is kind of missing the point of this zone. This is an open battle area, so you can fight villains if you want to. And remember that some villains will want to fight you.

Be careful out there.

Part 1: Go to the indicated waypoint
Patrol @ Warburg

Mission Complete:

You might have seen the Rocket out there while patrolling. Launching that Rocket can get you an edge against the bad guys, even in base raids. It's a valuable resource, and the villains know it. If you're going to be fighting for control of the rocket, you need to know the layout of it. You might want to explore some in there on your own.

Hyper Phase Hyper Phase
Toggle: Self Intangible, +SPD
Risk Taker
Awarded for completing the mission
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