Rikti Monkeys


Get the Rikti Monkeys

Janet Kellum

I've received a frightening tip, Red Tomax. According to my source, Crey has managed to get it's hands on several of those Rikti monkey pests that are such a nuisance on Peregrine Island. They're working on a way to bioengineer the little beasties themselves! We can't have that. I want you to get to this lab and get the Rikti monkeys out of there. That's right. Every last one!

My source tells me Crey's been trying to enhance the intelligence and reasoning of these creatures. I'm not really sure what you should expect.

Part 1: Retrieve all three monkes
Laboratory @ Talos Island Crey

A high-pitched hooting richohets down the metal corridors.

Enhanced Rikti Monkey Rikti [Pet]
These Rikti monkeys have been captured by Crey Industries for scientific experimentation. You must extract the little beasts before Crey figures out a way to bioengineer them.

Mission Complete: You have extracted the Rikti monkeys.

Janet Kellum

I must say, I wasn't ready for this, Red Tomax. After hearing your report, I had SERAPH run a few tests. It seems these Rikti monkeys aren't just physically enhanced, but mentally as well! They're not what you might call sentient, but they're fairly intelligent. That must be how they identified you as an ally.

The monkeys will remain at SERAPH for now, though I've been assured they'll be teated well. It's a strange world, Red Tomax. Sometimes a very strange world indeed.

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