Nemesis' old Front Company


Recover the records from the old Nemesis front company

Maxwell Christopher

Let's get to work. A lot of people like to forget that Nemesis didn't just disappear before his return. He's been building up his forces and his fortunes for a long time. He's an expert at keeping his work hidden, but that doesn't mean that he never makes mistakes. I've been tracing his financial network, and I think I've found a lead that I want you to investigate. Nemesis may have left a loose end unnoticed in the ruins of the Rikti War: an old front company that was in a building that was abandoned, but not destroyed. There might be records in there that could lead to other Nemesis fronts and projects. If you think you're ready, I could use someone who can go in there and recover the records from the old Nemesis front company.

Nemesis may have forgotten this place for now, but the moment it's breached you can count on his forces getting an alert. Bring anything you find back to me when you're done.

Part 1: Find records in Nemesis Front (Seek records, 1 key to find.)
Abandoned Office @ Steel Canyon Nemesis

This office may look abandoned, but you can hear movement everywhere. There may be no one alive in this place, but there is something working hard at logn forgotten tasks.

Objective: On the defeated Warhulk you found a key.


You found this ornate brass key on the Warhulk you defeated.

Objective: You found some business records.

ClueOld records and files

These old papers and files trace out pieces of a complex web of companies and fronts Nemesis used up to the beginning of the Rikti War. With all of the records, it might be possible to get a good picture of Nemesis' hidden financial network.

Mission Complete: You recovered the files, and must now get them back to Maxwell Christopher.

Part 2: Return to Maxwell Christopher
Delivery @ Founders' Falls
Maxwell Christopher

This is brilliant work, Red Tomax. I knew you could handle this!

It's time to take the next step, but first we need to be sure that this is legit. Nemesis has been using sub-plans and subterfuge to confuse and misdirect pursuers for decades, and we can't be entirely sure that these records weren't planted by Nemesis for us to find as par of a larger scheme.

I can verify them, though, by checking against other suspected Nemesis activity we've learned about from other sources. If there are any matches, we may have the real deal.

This could be just what we're looking for. According to the records, there should be a hidden weapons lab under this warehouse. The warehouse itself has seen a few big deals go down between Nemesis agents and Freakshow, and there have been Jaeger sighting in the area, too.

I want you to look for the lab beneath that warehouse. If it exists, then these records are a breakthrough. Or, at least, we can assume they're probably not planted.

Part 3: Defeat all Nemesis in lab
Laboratory @ Independence Port

The rough exterior of this warehouse belies the high tech lab hidden beneath it.

Mission Complete: You cleared out the secrey lab and proved the authenticity of the records you'd found.

Maxwell Christopher

Looks like the information you recovered from that abandoned frotn company checked out. The lab was there, it even had a fake Nemesis running it. Those duplicates cost millions; it's unlikely he would have wasted it just to put us on the wrong track. This is what I've been waiting a decade for, Red Tomax. An actual, legitimate lead on Nemesis' operations! A lead he doesn't know we have. It's old, it may be out of date, but it's enough. If you want to face the worst Nemesis has to offer, this is it, Red Tomax. This is where the battle against him starts for real.

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