The Sky Raider Secret


Stop the Sky Raiders' attack

Oswald Cuthbert

I learned something rather disturbing from one of my contacts in Talos Island. It seems the Sky Raiders are planning an attack on a secret conference in an office building over there. It's all very hush-hush; I can't even find out who the attendees are. But I'm sure they don't deserve to be assassinated! Will you stop the Sky Raiders' attack?

See if you can find out anything about the meeting while you're there.

Part 1: Defeat commander, his entourage (3 men to rescue)
Office @ Talos Island Sky Raiders

The lobby is silent, except for the coffee machine humming in a corner.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Sky Raiders and rescued the hostages.

ClueMysterious conversation

One of the men you rescued told you:

'I thank you for saving my life, but I'm afraid there's not much I can tell you. Our identities are a matter of national security, and so is our business in paragon City. I only wish I knew how the Sky Raiders ferreted us out. I'll have my people look into it. In the meantime, I thank you and bid you farewell.'

Oswald Cuthbert

I wonder who this mysterious trio was? You might think they'd give us a hint, since you saved their lives from the Sky Raiders.

Talk to Andrea Mitchell about the general

Oswald Cuthbert

I've identified one of the men you rescued from the Sky Raiders. He's General Toliver Johnson. He used to be in charge of the Joint Command Special Threat Response Battalion, a special team of solidiers trained to fight super-powered threats. The battalion doesn't exist anymore, but I know a woman who used to be part of it. You should go talk to Andrea Mitchell about the general. While you're at it, take her these photos of the other men.

The Sky Raiders might be on to you, so watch your back.


These photographs show the three men you rescued from the Sky Raiders.

Part 2: Talk to Andrea Mitchell
Delivery @ Talos Island
Andrea Mitchell

So, you guys are digging around in the history of Vigilance? That's what we used to call the Joint Command Special Threat Response Battalion. Much easier to remember! Most of the unit was killed during the Rikti War; I was wounded shortly thereafter and left the service. I don't know what happened to the unit after I left, but at least I can ID the guys in those pictures. One is former Deputy Secretary of Defense Eli Hunt; The other is a former hero named Wayne Evans, AKA Captain Indomitable. Indom was our adviser on super -powered threats. Secretary Hunt was the man who got the unit approved in the first place. And you already know who General Johnson is. What they're doing together, I can't say.

Oswald Cuthbert

So we know that those men you rescued from the Sky Raiders used to be involved in that military unit, Vigilance. What we don't know is what they're doing in Paragon City. Now that I've got some names, we can do some more digging.

Protect Eli Hunt from the Sky Raiders

Oswald Cuthbert

I have a lead on the whereabouts of Eli Hunt, one of the men you rescued from the Sky Raiders. One of my contacts told me Hunt's making a visit to a research lab here in Paragon City. If the Sky Raiders know about it, they might hit him there. I want you to protect Eli Hunt from the Sky Raiders. While your at it, see if there's any more info you can dig up.

Be ready though. If Eli knows something, you may not have much time to act on it after you rescue him. Maybe an hour or less, depending on how fast the Sky Raiders move once Hunt is rescued.

If you save his life again, Mr. Hunt might be more willing to trust us.

Part 3: Defeat commander, his entourage (Rescue Eli Hunt)
Laboratory Sky Raiders

You look around and whistle. The equipment in one room of state-of-the-art facility is worth more than the contents of your entire home.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Sky Raiders and rescued Eli Hunt.

ClueEli Hunt Conversation

When you rescued Eli Hunt for the second time, he said:

'You again? It seems your sources are almost as good as the Sky Raiders'. I can't tell you what we're in the middle of, at least, not yet. But, Red Tomax, I sure could use your help. When I came to the lab to have some technology analyzed, I sent my colleague, Wayne Evans, to investigate some shipping irregularities as a local warehouse. He's not answering his phone. If the Sky Raiders found me, they can probably find him. Can you go to the warehouse and make sure he's all right? Wayne's a former hero, like yourself. I just hope he hasn't lost all his old moves'.

Part 4: Investigate warehouse - 1:00:00 (6 bombs remaining, Find Wayne Evans)
Warehouse Sky Raiders

Everywhere you look, bombs are strapped to the walls. If you don't get Evans out of here quickly, there won't be much left to find.

Objective: You found a shipping list on the body.

ClueShipping file

You found this large file of shipping manifests on the body of Wayne Evans.

Mission Complete: You disarmed the bombs and found the body of Wayne Evans.

Oswald Cuthbert

That's a real shame about Wayne's death. I really admired him when he was Captain Indomitable. I sure hope this file you recovered was worth his life.

Let's see here. These are shipping records dating back to just after the Rikti War. Apparently the warehouse Wayne was investigating was supposed to send some supplies to the new headquarters of that military unit, Vigilance. But the stuff never showed up.

It says here that the shipment was diverted on orders of the Department of Homeland Security. The guy who signed the order, Irving Katcher, is in the private sector now. Maybe he knows what happened to that old shipment.

Check out Katcher's office

Oswald Cuthbert

Why dont you go check out Katcher's office? We need to learn more about those military supplies he diverted from the Vigilance unit. It looks like the Sky Raiders killed Wayne Evans to keep him from finding out what happened to those supplies. I'd like his death to mean something.

Be on the lookout for Sky Raiders.

Part 5: Defeat commander, his entourage (Find Irving Katcher)
Office Sky Raiders

The silence is broken by a sudden, strangled shout. Something bad is going on here.

Objective: You have rescued Irving Katcher.

ClueKatcher conversation

When you rescued Irving Katcher, he said:

'All this about that old shipment for Vigilance? I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I lost my job over it. You see, the unit commander, a guy named Coloney Duray, asked me to change the shipping orders. He had papers from the pentagon approving the change, but they turned out to be forged. I cut through some red tape for the colonel as a favor, only to find out he was playing me. He, his men, and the equipment just disappeared. No one ever figured out where they went.'

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Sky Raiders and rescued Irving Katcher.

Oswald Cuthbert

Have you figured it out yet? The disappearing soldiers, the stolen equipment? Col. Duray and his men have become the Sky Raiders! No wonder the army was beign so secretive. A rogue military unit? It doesn't get much more embarrassing than that. Maybe someday we'll find some proof for my wild speculations; until then, I'm pretty confident in my conclusions.

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