Iron Reaver's tattoo parlour


Recover some of the Tsoo's tattooing materials

Karen Parker

I need to know more sbout the Tsoo tattooing process. I think those designs may have something to do with the Tsoo's strange powers. I've got a lead on a Tsoo tattooing parlour set up in an old office. I want you to get over there and recover some of the Tsoo's tattooing materials. Maybe you and I can get to the bottom of this mystery.

The tattoo parlour is run by a Tsoo called Iron Reaver. If you can arrest him, he may be willing to tell us what we want to know.

Part 1: Defeat all Tsoo in parlour (4 tattooing materials to find)
Warehouse Tsoo

Spots on the carpet have been stained with the deep greens and blues of the Tsoo tattooing inks.

Objective: You have recovered some tattooing materials.

ClueTattooing materials

You recovered these inks and needles from a Tsoo tattooing parlour. There's a peculiar scent to the inks, as though they've been mixed with blood.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Tsoo and recovered some of their tattooing materials.

Karen Parker

Thanks for getting these tattooing materials, Red Tomax. Iron Reaver admitted the inks have magical properties, though he won't tell me exactly how they work. Maybe with MAGI's help, I can learn more.

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