The Tome of Vestis


Recover the tome from the Vahzilok

Wilson Zucco

I've learned that an Eidolan called Filleter has stolen the Tome of Vestis. She's holed up in the Yelow Rose Cosmetics office, along with a bunch of Vahzilok. There's no telling what will happen if they manage to translate that book. I need you to recover the tome from the Vahzilok. You only have 90 minutes to deal with the Vahzilok.

The Tome of Vestis describes a number of powerful ceremonies. I don't want the Vahzilok performing any of them!

Part 1: Defeat Filleter and her minions - 1:30:00 (7 office workers to rescue, Recover the tome)
Office @ Skyway City Vahzilok

Sewer slime is smeared across the foyer's cheery wallpaper.

Wilson Zucco


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