Boomtown Security Detail


Talk to the Boomtown Security Chief

Athena Currie

Lately, the Clockwork have been tearing Boomtown apart. Report to the Security Chief for that zone and he will tell you what to do.

I don't know why the do this, but the Clockwork are becoming more of a menace every day. Watch out for the huge monster, Babbage!

Part 1: Talk to the Security Chief
Delivery @ Steel Canyon
Boomtown Security Chief

Here is some info on Boomtown. Red Tomax, I need you to stop the Clockwork! You could start looking for them in Primer or the Cannonade.

ClueBoomtown briefing

Baumton was the city's first marketplace, where tradesman and farmers went to sell their wares. After the Rikti invasion, people started calling it Boomtown, because the devastation reminded them of a bomb crater. It's pretty dangerous. If I were you, I wouldn't go in without a few other heroes for backup. The place is infested with those Clockwork robots. They look like toys, but they cause plenty of havoc by stealing bits of machinery and metal from all over. Even worse, a giant Clockwork monster called Babbage prevents any pacification of the zone. Be especially careful of him.

Part 2: Keep peace in Boomtown (Defeat 10 Clockwork)
Defeat X @ 'Boomtown' Clockwork

Mission Complete: You have defeated 10 Clockwork.

Athena Currie

We used to laugh at the Clockwork. Not anymore. Well done, Red Tomax.

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