Vahzilok Kidnappings


Go to Kings Row and stop the Vahzilok kidnappings

Kip Cantorum

Kings Row has been bearing the brunt of the latest Vahzilok kidnapping spree. I need a hero who can get to Kigns Row and stop the Vahzilok kidnappings. I don't want to hear about one more missing person case!

The Gish has suffered a lot in this latest round of abductions. High Park has also seen a lot of activity.

Part 1: Combat Vahzilok in Kings Row (Defeat 10 Vahzilok)
Defeat X @ Kings Row Vahzilok

Mission Complete: You have stopped the Vahzilok from kidnapping the resident of Kings Row.

Kip Cantorum

Thanks, Red Tomax. The people in Kings Row can breathe a little easier now.

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