The Jewel of Hera


Recover the stolen jewel from the Circle of Thorns

Genevieve Sanders

The Paragon City Museum has reported the theft of an ancient artifact, the Jewel of Hera. I'd bet my life the Circle is behind it. Will you recover the stolen jewell from the Circle of Thorns?

The Jewel of Hera was once used to power rituals of revenge. I don't know who the Circle wants revenge against, but I know I want them stopped.

Part 1: Defeat jewel thief and his crew (Find Jewel of Hera)
Cavern Circle of Thorns

You followed a Circle mystic into this cave. You're certain your quary hasn't noticed you, but you can't shake the feeling of being watched.

Mission Complete: You recovered the Jewel of Hera.

ClueThe Jewel of Hera

According to legend, Hera gave this emerald necklace to one of Zeus' many mortal wives. When the girl put the necklace on, she was immediately engulfed in flames. In the millennia since, the necklace has often been used to enhance rituals of revenge.

Genevieve Sanders

Thanks to you, the Circle of Thorns has been blunted again.

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