Arrest Revenant

Genevieve Sanders

According to my sources, one of the Hellions' high-ranking thugs, Revenant, is holed up in a nearby abandoned office. Can you arrest Revenant for me? If we can put one of their big shots in jail, it may help u scurb the Hellions' violence.

Maybe Revenant can tell us where the Hellions are getting their steady supply of artifacts.

Part 1: Arrest Revenant and his crew
Abandoned Office @ Galaxy City Hellions

This place has been trashed, but you can see signs of organisation here and there.

Mission Complete: You arrested Revenant and his crew.

Genevieve Sanders

You say Revenant was passing on orders from the Hellions' artifact supplier? Very interesting. t could be that there's a greater design behind the Hellions' recent territory grab. I'm counting on you to keep a close watch on these thugs, Red Tomax.

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