Missing: Todd Poston


Speak to Rachel Torres

Derek Amberson

You must to speak to Rachel Torres. She has information about a troubling missing persons case; it's the third such case in the last week. If you can crack this mystery, you may just have what it takes to make it in ELITE, Enhanced Logistics for Insight and Tactical Excellence.

Do whatever Rachel asks, then report back to me.

Part 1: Speak to Rachel Torres
Delivery @ Galaxy City
Rachel Torres

Thanks for coming. All the leads point to an abandoned office building right here in Galaxy City. Go over there and see what you can find. The last person to go missing is a reported named Todd Poston; keep your eyes out for him.

Part 2: Check out abandoned office (Locate Todd Poston)
Abandoned Office @ Galaxy City Council

You hear the sound of boots marching on concrete.

Mission Complete: You found Todd Poston.

ClueTodd Poston conversation

Todd Poston told you:

'I swear, I never meant to get involved with the Council! I was just writing an article on the Paragon City government, and I guess I asked too many questions about the wrong officials! One of their officers came to see me last night; he said I could join them or die!'

'They were planning to take me to a big training base right here in Atlas Park. There may be other people there who the Council recruited against their will!'

Part 3: Defeat all Council soldiers
Warehouse @ Galaxy City Council

This room is filled with boxes, each overflowing wth pamphlets that bear the Council's symbol.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Council.

Derek Amberson

The Council is growing bolder by the day. Shutting down this operation should keep Atlas Park safe for the moment, but keep your eyes open. On the plus side, fighting those Council soldiers seems to have improved your combat technique.

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