Defend Peregrine


Defend Peregrine from Malta

Tina Macintyre

Peregrine Island may house some of the most important technology on this planet, Red Tomax. And it looks like the Malta Group knows is. They've been hanging around the area, tryng to get their mitts on any information they can. Some of our technicians have even been assaulted! I need you to protect Peregrine Island from the Malta Group. A lot is at stake here, Red Tomax; more than you realize.

The Malta Group has shown a lot of persistence in this matter. They won't be deterred easily. Look for them near Bayside Docks or Curry Cove.

Part 1: Defend Peregrine from Malta (Defeat 50 Malta Operatives)
Malta Operatives

Mission Complete: You discouraged the Malta Group from spying on Portal Corporation.

Tina Macintyre

I'll sleep a lot better knowing you've got your eye on the Malta Group's activities. if they were ever to get their hands on Portal Corporation's technology, they'd become a great deal more dangerous overnight.

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