Upsilon Beta 9-6


Notable Foes

  • Mission #1: Anti-Matter, Arch-Villain (Praetorians)

Check out the strange signal

Tina Macintyre

Red Tomax, we're tracking a strange signal from another dimension. Ninety percent of the time these things turn out to be some other dimension's version of satellite TV. Still, it's got the uys over in Risk Management all atwitter. They asked if I'd send you to check out this strange signal. Scout out the area, determin the signal's source, and report back.

You'll be going to dimension Upsilon Beta 9-6. Not much is known about it yet.

Part 1: Defeat Anti-Matter & his men (10 devices to shut down)
Laboratory @ Portal Corporation Praetorians

The passage through the portal leaves you with a vaguely unsettled stomach.

Anti-Matter [Arch-Villain]
Trapped within his powered armour, Anti-Matter used to be Tyrants primary scientific consultant. He and Neuron were once best of friends and created the Clockwork of Praetorian Earth together. Of late his theories have been more and more radical causing Tyrant to lean on Neuron for research and analysis. Unbeknownst to anyone Anti-Matter had cracked the Portal tech. He is waiting to reveal his breakthrough in order to garner favour from Tyrant and his true love, Dominatrix.

Mission Complete: You prevented Anti-Matter from creating a permanent portal into your world.

Tina Macintyre

So, that villain was trying to establish a permanent portal into our world. That's pretty scary. Portal Corporation will have to get to work on some protective measures. Thanks for buying us the time we need, Red Tomax. I only hope the Zig can hold someone of Anti-Matter's power.

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