Freedom Fighters


Rescue the freedom fighters

Tina Macintyre

This is a first, Red Tomax. A freedom fighter from another world just contacted us and asked for help. Apparently, her world is under the crutal control of its version of Nemesis. Anyway, this freedom fighter, Julianne Thompson, says that a bunch of her comrades in the resistance are about to be rounded up. There aren't any more heroes on her world, so she knew she had to look elsewhere. it sounds like a worthy cause to me. Go rescue those freedom fighters. You only have 2 hours.

Any world under the control of Nemesis can use all the help we can lend them.

Part 1: Rescue the freedom fighters - 2:00:00 (5 people to save)
Instanced Outdoor [Kings Row] @ Portal Corporation Nemesis

Nemesis' world looks a lot like ours, but the streets are somehow unwelcoming.

Tina Macintyre

You're saying that one of those freedom fighters you rescued was me? I mean, an alternate version of me? No matter how many times I hear that around here, I never get used to it. Anyway, I got a message from Julianne Thompson, the leader of the freedom fighters. She says all her people are safe now, in a secure location. You just struck a blow against Nemesis, Red Tomax. Albeit a different Nemesis than our own.

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