Tau Gamma 9-24


Save the Oranbegans from the Malta Group

Tina Macintyre

I just got word that the Malta Group has had portal technology for the last six months! They've been setting up amateur portals, very unstable, but now it looks as if they've got their system working. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised by which world they've selected: Tau Gamma 9-24. The world where oranbega won their war against the nation of Mu. From everything I've heard, the Oranbegans on that world are a decent people. The Malta Group is this world's problem, not theirs. Will you save the Oranbegans from the Malta Group? You only have 90 minutes to deal with the situation.

The Malta Group wants to bring all super powers under its control. Including those on other worlds.

Part 1: Save peaceful Oranbegans - 1:30:00 (12 mages to save)
Oranbega @ Peregrine Island [Portal] Malta Operatives

This place is similar to the Oranbegan ruins on your earth, but here everthing is clean and well-maintained.

Mission Complete: You saved the Oranbegans from the Malta Group.

ClueThe mage's story

One of the Oranbegan mages you rescued tol you:

'In ancient times, our people waged terrible wars. First, we eliminated the nation of Mu. Then, fearing for our safety, we conquered the rest of the planet. Whole civilizations were ground under our heels. Later, repentant, we made a pact. No violent magic may be performed upon this world. The knowledge of such spells has been purged from our libraries, and it is death to perform them. Perhaps our philosophy of pacifism has trapped us. We had the power to defend ourselves against Malta, but not the will!'

Mission Failed: The Malta Group has taken some of the Oranbegans into custody.

Tina Macintyre

A world on which the Cricle of Thorns turned into utter pacifists? I guess I've heard stranger things. You did a good thing by protecting them against the Malta Group, Red Tomax. Portal Corporation is working on a method for locking the Malta Group out of other dimensions. Until it's ready, we'll just have to rely upon your skillful assistance.

On failure:
You tried, Red Tomax, I know you tried. I'll get word to Crimson and Indigo, thepeople handling the Malta threat. They'll try to extract the Oranbegans from Malta custody. Don't worry; they're professionals. They know how to handle things like this.

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