Alpha Upsilon 24-2


Check out the new dimension

Tina Macintyre

I've got another dimension for you to check out, if you're ready for it. It's called Alpha Upsilon 24-2. I have to warn you, we've been getting some very strange life signs from this dimension. It's best to be on your guard.

I really don't know what you'll find in this dimension. But I'm sure you can handle whatever comes up.

Part 1: Investigate the new dimension (Seek clues)
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Peregrine Island [Portal] Ghosts

The terrain is recognizable as familiar Paragon City. But something happened here. Something horrible.

Objective: Beneath the pile of bones, you found a diary.


You found this tattered diary beneath a pile of bones. It reads:

'I, the mighty Red Tomax, have triumphed, but victory is not as sweet as I imagined. In my zeal to conquer this feeble world, I have instead demolished it. The people I would have ruled? Dead, though not entirely gone. They linger in these lands as foul, angry spirits. They hope eventually to find a way to destroy me, but I am not concerned. I am Red Tomax! I need fear no one, for my power is truly beyond all limits.'

ClueScroll of the Horned Dragon

This ancient scroll was written in the blood of a powerful dragon. Anyone possessing the scroll is granted the knowledge of that dragon.

Mission Complete: You found a clue to the fate of this world.

Tina Macintyre

Dont' feel too bad, Red Tomax. It sounds as though your alternate self wiped out that dimension, but doesn't mean you're responsible. If anything, you should take it as a warning. I guess your other self was corrupted by your terrific power. Remember that, and don't let it happen to you!

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