A Path Into Darkness


  • CategoryStory Arc
  • FlashbackVisit Ouroborus to Flashback to this story
  • ContactsColleen Nelson (Brickstown)
  • Level Range35 - 40
  • Badge Entrusted with the Secret You have been exposed to Time Travel and have been granted access to the Ouroboros Citadel. You can find the power to summon forth a portal there in your Temporary Power tray.

Capture Council soldiers before they flee the country

Colleen Nelson

The Council is planning on getting a number of it's men out of the country. Each one is on the most wanted list for numerous crimes, it would be a tragedy if they escaped justice. luckily, I had an informant tip us off to where they're being gathered right now before they go on their trip. Would you be interested in rounding up these men before they can flee the country?

I think there might be more at work here than getting these men out of the city. I have a feeling that this could be the start of something larger.

The objective for this mission is simple. Defeat all of the Council in that base. Make sure none of them get away.

Part 1: Defeat all Council on site
Council base @ Random Council

This base's entrance was well hidden. If it wasn't for the tip, you'd never have found this place.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Council fugitives. During the battle, you found a clue.

ClueA book called 'The Rites of the Dark'

You found copies of this book on several of the Council soldiers you defeated before they left the country. Each slender volume contains rituals, pledges, and ceremonies used in initiation to something called 'The Path of the Dark'

Colleen Nelson

You caught them all, Red Tomax, good work. it's a little strange that they all had these books on them. it looks more like an initiation guide than a book of information for fugitives. I'm going to look into this. Talk to me soon, I may have some more information on this 'Path of the Dark'.

Raid Oranbega for information on the Path of the Dark

Colleen Nelson

I did a bit of research on this 'Path of the Dark' mentioned in the books you found on those fleeing Council soldiers. One of my contacts with an occult background mentioned that he'd heard the name before, when he was doing some research for the old Midnight squad. Unfortunately, most of these documents were lost when the Circle of Thorns raided occult libraries in the wake of the War. He did have a rough idea where the Circle might have kept their stolen tomes. I think that learning about this 'Path of the Dark could be very important in the long term. If you're up to it, getting those stolen documents back could be the first step in finding out about the Path of the Dark.

The Circle won't be happy with your intrusion, so you should expect some resistance. You might want to take an ally along with you, if you aren't already.

All you're looking for in there is a book that mentions the Path of the Dark. The Circle will try to stop you, but fighting them isn't your main priority. Once you have the book, you're done.

Part 2: Get book from Circle (Find Path Book)
@ Random

The dark halls of Oranbega press in as you begin your search for the knowledge stolen by the Circle of Thorns.

Objective: None of the arcane tomes here mention The Path of The Dark.

Objective: You found a book that mentions The Path of The Dark.

ClueThe Praetorian's Tale

The account laid down here belonged to an un-named Roman imperial guardsman who had been assigned to guard the last Emperor of the Roman Empire, Romulus Agustulus. Much of the account involves minutiae of politics and daily life, but a particular section near the end stands out, detailing the deposed Emperor's attempt to contact a supernatural power:

'Dorjan did as the Emperor bid him, and led us down to the dark to meet these friends in darkness his family was supposed to have. We followed Dorjan deep underground through dark caverns until we found worked stone and great halls. Then there was movements in the shadows, and we all felt surrounded by spirits. A man came forth and welcomed Dorjan as a brother. he welcomed the Emperor to the halls of the Path of the Dark, and bid us enter. Then I saw that this man was not a man, nor were any of those who watched from the shadowed halls. I looked to Dorjan for guidance, as we had fought together and stood side by side. But now I saw that Dorjan was shifting form into a shape that was not his own.'

'I saw things moving towards us. The Emperor exhorted them. Fear overcame me.'

'Through the darkness, I ran.'

Mission Complete: You have recovered a book with a reference to The Path of The Dark

Colleen Nelson

This is strange, Red Tomax. This account you found makes it seem like the Path of the Dark is an ancient order dating back to Rome. Why would they be hooked up with the Council? This can't be good. I'm going to keep looking into it. I'll let you know as soon as I have something.

Meet with Bentley Berkeley

Colleen Nelson

I've been researching this 'Path of the Dark' for you, and I think I may have a break through. I was contacted by a man called Bentley Berkeley, who claims to have fought the Path before, back in the 1920s and 30s. Mr. Berkeley claims to be immortal, too, so I didn't know what to make of him. I checked around, and a lot of people who know about that kind of thing couched for him. he asked to meet with you, and said he might have some leads. Would you like me to contact him and arrange the meeting? This is getting into some dangerous territory, though. It might be a good idea to bring some allies with you, just in case.

Okay, you'll be meeting with Bentley in an old office building he owns part of. I'll give you the location. If he's tangled with The Path of The Dark in the past he might have some information about what we're up against, or how they're connected to the Council. According to the people I've talked to, Bentley's story about being immortal seems to check out. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise, I guess. Statesman himself is probably nearly a hundred years old by now.

Part 3: Find Bentley Berkeley (Meet with Bentley Berkeley)
Abandoned office @ Random

This old building once held a prestigious banking firm, but now has been laid low by neglect

Objective: You take the note.

ClueA note from Bentley Berkeley

Grabbed by jack-booted thugs. Luckily, ready for that. Paragon City and all. Check with your friend, sent message to where to find me.

Mission Complete: Bentley Berkeley has been kidnapped.

Colleen Nelson

The Council must have grabbed Berkeley to keep him from telling you what he knows about the Path of the Dark. It looks like he was anticipating that, though. I got a message while you were out: Berkeley's sent us a set of co-ordinates. I'll take a look at them and see what they mean.

Rescue Bentley Berkeley

Colleen Nelson

I checked those coordinates we got after Bentley Berkeley was kidnapped by the Council. They may be the location of a Council base, probably the one where they're keeping Berkeley. So, are you ready to go rescue an immortal?

This one will probably be tough. They may not be expecting you, but they'll likely have a heavy guard on him, just in case. I'd recommend that you prepare yourself and take some friends with you.

There's sure to be a lot of agents in there, but your goal is to free Bentley Berkeley. I'd hate to think of what the Council could to to him if they took their time.

Part 4: Rescue Bentley Berkeley (Rescue Bentley Berkeley)
Council base @ Random

You found a secret entrance in the basement of this old office building.

Mission Complete: You rescued Bentley Berkeley, who directed you to see Peter Stemitz.

ClueBentley's Tale

After rescuing him, Bentley Berkeley told you:

'Hi there. Bentley Berkeley here, pelased to meet you. You did a big thing stopping those Council fellas from leaving. They were going to join something called 'The Path of the Dark', a nasty secret society I first encountered back in the 1920's. I got hooked up with a bunch of guys and dolls who were fighin' the worst the supernatural could offer, and Tha Path of the Dark was on that list.'

'I only tangled with the Path a few times, but others in the group fought them extensively, or fought to keep their power out of fascist hands. Back then all the fascists in Europe were crazy for any supernatural power, and the Italians under Mussolini weren't any different. There was this functionary in Mussolini's government named Ridolfo Uzzano who was determined to contact them, Jennie Bassie and her team often clashed with his boys when they were trying to stop the Path and he was looking for them.'

'I mat not have known a lot about the Path, but Jennie Bassie's grandson live in the city, I know that Jennie kept a journal, and that might give you some insight.'

'I don't know where the kid is these days, I got a bad habit of losing track of people. you'd think I'd learn wouldn't you? talk to Peter Stemitz, he tends to keep an eye on things. And tell Pete hello from me. He wasn't Pete the last time I knew him, but Pete should remember me.'

Part 5: Talk to Peter Stemitz
Delivery @ Founder' Falls
Peter Stemitz

Red Tomax, good to see you. Yeah, I got word to expect you from good old Bentley. Man, Bentley and I used to hang out way, way back. We took on the Path, Baron Zoria and his Circle of Thorns, all kinds of wierd stuff. Yeah, I was a different person then - literally. I remember more past lives than I can shake a stick at.

Yeah, it's wierd. I just deal with it.

Anyway, I know where Bassie's grandson is. I already told him to expect you, so he should have his grandmother's journal for you. Let me warn you, though, that this road you're on is a dangerous one. The masters of the Path of the Dark are already aware of your interference, and are planning against you at every turn. You're on the verge of some big-time secrets, but the answers ain't gonna give you much comfort. This is so gonna get worse before it gets better, dude.

Part 6: Find Sam Bassie, get journal (Find Sam Bassie, 2 journals to find)
Office @ Random

You found Sam Bassie's office in the building's index easily enough. You also found Council troops waiting for you.

Objective: You found a piece of Jennie Bassie's old journal

ClueFirst part of Jennie's journal

This section of Jennie Bassie's journal chronicles the adventures of Jennie and her husband Henry back inthe 1920s. You read:

'April 21st, 1926'

'It was Ridolfo Uzzano who got it rolling again, they say he was about to become a priest before he became a fascist, you know. This time he'd gotten something out of the Vatican records after he'd had Mussolini force them open for him. We caught up with some of his thugs as they were beating information out of farmers in the countryside, but by the time we caught on we were too late. Uzzano's goons were already preparing an expedition into some hidden caves to find those beastly Dark Path types.

From what we could gather, he thought that he could talk to their leader, an immortal mad king called 'Emperor Agustulus'. Henry got all portentous about the name, but I've never had ahead for history and fell asleep as he was explaining on the train.'

Objective: You found a piece of Jennie Bassie's old journal

ClueSecond part of Jennie's journal

This section of Jennie Bassie's journal chronicles the adventures of Jennie and her husband Henry back in the 1920s. You read:

'April 22nd, 1926'

'We followed Uzzano and his fascist thugs underground. We caught up with them far below. The fight was terrible in the darkness. Gunshots rang out, and the lights of our electric torches whirled every which way. I lost track of who was where for a moment and looked around, trying to find Henry, or Big Six, or anyone. As my beam played about, I saw that we'd entered a cavern of worked stone, with high carved columns and arches. I swear I saw men moving, or things like men, dressed like roman soldiers. There were other things that moved, too, but they avoided my little light.

Then Big Six's hand was on my shoulder, and I was back with him and dear Henry and Spencer and Miss Akihara. The fight was over, and though we'd won, they couldn't find Uzzano. Our lights began to give out all at once, and we shone them around to locate Uzzano.

Then we saw that the bodies were being dragged back into the darkness by something. And Uzzano. Uzzano had got past us. We saw him then, for the last time I think, as the darkness writhed aroudn him. It moved around him like an ocean wave dragging a man out to sea, and he was screaming, screaming.'

'But I cannot say if he was screaming in terror, or in ecstasy.'

Mission Complete: You rescued Sam Bassie from the Council and retrieved the journal.

ClueThird part of Jennie's journal

This section of Jennie Bassie's journal chronicles the adventures of Jennie and her husband Henry back in the 1920s. You read:

'May 6th, 1926'

'Still can't write about it. Sweet, sweet henry tellsme I should sleep, but every time I close my eyes, I still see Uzzano, screaming at the end. now we're on the run from the latest terror the fascists have unleashed, a walking shadow in uniform they call Requiem. He hunts us everywhere.'

'June 24th, 1926'

'We only just escaped Italy, but not without loss. Requiem, that fascist monster, tried to stop the train. Big Six went out to fight him. I could only hear the battle as Miss Akihora used her 'Nin-jya' arts to help us escape, but it was terribly violent, and terribly short. Big Six is dead. he was strong as a locomotive, indomitable in the face of evil, and had a heart as big as the world. And that fiend slew him in minutes. That beast Requiem gloated as he died. I tried to concentrate and fight back the tears, but as I listened I had a sudden, horrible shock! Henry says it couldn't be, but I recognised that voice, that tone, when Requiem spoke. He looks different now, and I hope that whatever happened to him hurt horribly, but that voice, it was Uzzano! I don't know how he survived the Path of the Dark, but the monster called Requiem is Ridolfo Uzzano! I swear it!'

Colleen Nelson

The information in this journal is a lot to absorb. If Jennie Bassie was right, and Requiem was a fascist functionary from the 20's named Ridolfo Uzzano, then it could be that he got his powers from this 'Path of the Dark'. I know the Council villain Arakhn claims to be fused with a Nictus, like those Warshades you've seen running around, I've always assumed Requiem had the same story, but maybe there's something more mystical in his background. After all, he's been in operation a lot longer.

Invetsigate Council's travel agent front company

Colleen Nelson

I did a bit of digging, and I found that all of those Council agents who were being sent overseas to join the Path of the Dark. They all booked their flights through the same agency. From the low numbers of bookings and theway that they're clustered, I think that this agency might be a front company for the Council. If you could investigate the place and locate their records, it could give us a clue to how they were channeling those men out of the country, and maybe even why they'd send them to the Path of the Dark.

Look for any records of where those men were going to or coming from. That could tell us a lot.

Part 7: Find travel data (Find travel data)
Office @ Random

This place is remarkably devoid of workers for a firm of any kind. You keep on alert, the Council may be nearby.

Objective: You found something.

ClueTravel reports

These listings show the movements of a number of Council soldiers from paragon City to Italy. All the orders for tickets are made from the same office, probably a Council base, but the location is encrypted. As you copy the files, you also notice that of the many soldiers sent out, not all of them return.

Mission Complete: You found some travel reports that gave you a lead. You'll need to have them decrypted, though. You instantly thought of Marisel Valenzuela, the freelance investigator.

Part 8: Get files to Marisel Valenzuela
Delivery @ Brickstown
Marisel Valenzuela

This will be easy, Red Tomax, I will be pleased to decrypt this file for you. Any blow struck against the Council is good. I'll mark the location of the base for you. If you can find out what became of these men, it could be very important.

Be careful, however, they may have strong defenses ready for you.

Part 9: Search base for clues (2 Clues)
Council base @ Brickstown

Beneath the warehouse you find a hidden Council complex.

Objective: You found a clue on the computer.

CluePersonnel transfer forms

These forms list the soldiers sent overseas for initiation into the Path of the Dark. Of those that return, you notice that many of them are transferred out of their old units and join the ranks of the Warwolves.

Objective: You found a clue in the files.

ClueThe Seed of Darkness

These handwritten instructions detail the careful security around an upcoming shipment arriving in Paragon City. It reads, in part:

'It is by my order that security be increased before the Shadow Seed arrives. It is of such utmost import that no precaution is sufficient. Once the seed has been implanted in the caverns beneath the city, it shall establish a branch of the Path of the Dark here in America. We shall no longer need to send initiates overseas, and can flood the streets of Paragon City with bonded War Wolves. I cannot overstate the import of the Seed's safe arrival and emplacement underground. Do not fail in this.''

' - Requiem'

Mission Complete: You have found some important information about the Council and the Path of the Dark.

Colleen Nelson

So, the initiates into the Path of the Dark return as War Wolves. That explains where the Council has been getting those creatures from. The Council former leadership didn't have them back in the 40's, so maybe this is a new development in the relationship between the Path of the Dark and the Council. If they can bring that 'Shadow Seed' to the city, they'll be able to send out hordes of War Wolves into the city. I'll start looking for more information on the seed. I'll have a new mission for you soon. There may still be time to stop them.

Take the Shadow Seed from the Council

Colleen Nelson

There may still be a chance to stop the Council from smuggling a Shadow Seed into the city to start a new branch of the Path of the Dark and flood the city with their War Wolves. This is going to be a very tough battle, but if you're ready, I know where the Seed is right now.

This will be extremely difficult, Red Tomax. I'd really recommend gathering as many allies as you can before you enter this one.

Your goal is to find the Shadow Seed. I don't know what it is or what it will look like, but if the Council can use it we may find the city overrun with their strongest monsters. It may still be in a crate, or the leader of the operation might have it. He should be a Vampyr named 'Racco'

Part 10: Defeat Racco & get Seed (Find Shadow Seed)
Abandoned warehouse @ Independence Port

The darker corners of this old warehouse seem stronger somehow, and the edges of the shadows writhe at the corner of your vision. The Shadow Seed must be close.

Objective: This crate is empty

Objective: This crate is now empty, but the seed was here!

Mission Complete: It looks like the Council was one step ahead of you. The Shadow Seed is gone.

ClueShadow Seed Delivered!

After his defeat, Commandant Racco told you:

'You are too late, fool! We knew you were onto us, and this is but a distraction! The seed is even now being emplaced deep beneath the ground. Soon it shall grow and the Council shall conquer! The Council and the Path of the Dark!'

Colleen Nelson

We missed it? How could that be? If they can plant that thing, then there could be no stopping the Council and the Path of the Dark. It's not over yet, Red Tomax. I don't know how, but I'll find some way to locate the Shadow Seed before the Path of the Dark can take root under Paragon City.

Take the Shadow Seed from the Council

Colleen Nelson

You aren't going to believe this, but I know where we can find the Shadow Seed and stop the Council's plan to plant it beneath the city! Do you remember Bentley Berekely? The immortal guy who fought the Path of the Dark back in the 20's? Well, after you rescued him he kept following the case. he's there, now, deep underground where the Council have the Seed. I can give you his last location the moment you're ready.

The Council will likely throw everything they can against you to protect that thing. You'll need all the allies, supplies, and luck you can get. Tell me when you're ready.

The Shadow Seed is your top priority, but in order to get it away safely you'll also need to defeat the leader of the force down there, a Vampyr Archon called 'Ulyr'. To top it off, I think that Bentley Berkeley might be in trouble. He's done too much for the city to just leave him there to the Council's mercies. If this all works out, it could be one of the biggest defeats the Council has suffered in years.

Part 11: Defeat Ulyr & his guards (Find Bentley Berkeley, Find Shadow Seed)
Cavern @ Perez Park

The power of the darkness down here is almost overwhelming.

Objective: Though you have destroyed the chest, the Shadow Seed in unharmed.

ClueThe Shadow Seed

The inky black surface of this hard dark sphere is cold to the touch. It's difficult to hold it for long, as strange dark energies palpably swirl around and within it.

Mission Complete: With the Seed in hand, Bentley Berkeley freed, and Todesangst defeated, you return to the surface.

Entrusted with the Secret
Awarded for completing the story arc
Colleen Nelson

The Council have suffered a major defeat, Red Tomax, and it was all thanks to you. I'll make sure the Shadow Seed gets to the DATA vaults.

It's really amazing to think about all that we've learned so far. About Requiem's origins as Ridolfo Uzzano, about the Path of the Dark. There are still so many questions, too. Is this Path of the Dark somehow related to the Nictus? I'm sure you've noted the similarities between Requiem and Arakhn's powers. If I've learned one thing in this business, it's not to trust coincidences.

But I guess that's another worry for another day. Right now, the entire city owes you a debt of thanks it may never be able to repay. You're a true hero, Red Tomax.

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