Undercover Agent (level 5 to 10) in 'The Hollows'

When the Paragon City police needed an officer to go undercover among the Outcasts, Freddy Tindle's low level electrical powers made him the perfect man for the job. Perhaps because of the dual life he's leading, Freddy's trust isn't won easily. But once he decides that a hero is worth believing in, he'll do anything to help that hero out. Freddy's superiors have recently criticized him for giving his hero contacts too much information, thereby putting his own status in jeopardy. But the way Freddy sees it, the heroes he works with are his comrades and closest friends. If he didn't give them all the information that might help them, he couldn't look himself in the mirror.

Level Mission Information
5 - 15 HeroMinor Story Arc Other Flux the Outcast Arrest some Outcasts FlashBackFlux ('The Hollows')

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