Westin Phipps

Westin Phipps

Proprieter of Haven House (level 40 to 45) in Grandville

Most people look on poor Westin Phipps as an unsung hero of the Rogue Isles. A lone man of principle determined to do what's right and stand up for the weak and the powerless, even in the face of Arachnos.
But you know better.
Westin Phipps is a tool of Arachnos. A ruthless man with a heart of rust, Phipps was planted by Arachnos to take up the role of a crusader for the downtrodden before a real one could show up. Any good he does for the poor of Grandville is offset by all the information he funnels into Arachnos. Would-be heroes, vigilantes, and rebels have all fallen victim to the false safety of Haven House. And Westin Phipps continues his work, ready to lure in more.

Level Mission Information
40 - 45 VillainOther #1 School Books Destroy school books Westin Phipps (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainMinor Story Arc #2 Miss Francine the Freakshow teacher Stop Freakshow altruism Westin Phipps (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainMinor Story Arc #3 The Rebels Help Phipps in his plan against the Arachnos Rebels Westin Phipps (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainOther #4 Kidnap Amanda Vines Family Kidnap Amanda Vines' Family Westin Phipps (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainStory Arc #5 Bane of the Heart Kidnap Wyvern Spy from Arachnos before Longbow can liberate him FlashBackWestin Phipps (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainOther #6 The Civic Squad: Food for the needy Poison and destroy food for the needy Westin Phipps (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainOther #7 The Quest: Home Town Hero Eliminate the returned home-town hero Westin Phipps (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainOther #8 Arachnoid Nest Eradicate nearby Arachnoids Westin Phipps (Grandville)

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