Kelly Uqua

Kelly Uqua

Crey Acquisitions Specialist (level 35 to 40) in Nerva Archipelago

Kelly Uqua joined Crey Industries after her old business was destroyed during the Rikti War. She's since made a place for herself within the corporate giant by acquiring both new technology companies, and new technologies. Her previous company specialized in reverse-engineering advanced technologies, and rumor has it that she's been continuing that line of work by providing Crey Industries with contraband Rikti technology for their researchers to study. So far, no one has been able to figure out where she's finding Rikti contraband, and the rumors say that the last person to come close disappeared. Following that incident, Crey moved her to their offices in the Rogue Isles, where she's been making friends with it's less scrupulous metahuman community.

Level Mission Information
35 - 40 VillainOther #1 Exotic Technology Experts Recover Exotic technology Experts Kelly Uqua (Nerva Archipelago)
35 - 40 VillainOther #2 Orrik's Surveillance Stop Orrik's Surveillance Kelly Uqua (Nerva Archipelago)
35 - 40 VillainOther #3 Freakshow Modifications Find out who's modifying the Freakshow Kelly Uqua (Nerva Archipelago)
35 - 40 VillainOther #4 BrassTack Technology Destory BrassTack technology Kelly Uqua (Nerva Archipelago)
35 - 40 VillainMinor Story Arc #5 Blurring the Lines Stop Longbow's investigation of Crey Kelly Uqua (Nerva Archipelago)
35 - 40 VillainOther #6 Contraband Free ship from Longbow within 90 minutes Kelly Uqua (Nerva Archipelago)

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