Basse Croupier

Basse Croupier

Casino Pit Boss (level 35 to 40) in St. Martial

Basse Croupier had a promising singing career once upon a time, until a run of bad luck hit him hard and knocked him down for the count. A bankrupt record label, swindling managers, and several scandals ruined his career, leaving him destitute and on the street. His luck finally turned around when Johnny "The Pipes" Sonata, the crooner most people had picked Basse to replace before his downfall, offered the down-on-his-luck singer a job at his casino in the Rogue Isles as a pit boss. Basse's been thankful to Johnny ever since, and has become one of Sonata's most trusted men.

Level Mission Information
35 - 40 VillainMinor Story Arc #1 Fat Cat City Dig up blackmail info on corrupt politician Basse Croupier (St. Martial)
35 - 40 VillainOther #2 T33-V33 Recover Ms. bashers and show her son the error of his ways. Basse Croupier (St. Martial)
35 - 40 VillainOther #3 Tsoo Racketeers Defeat Tsoo Racketeers Basse Croupier (St. Martial)
35 - 40 VillainAccomplishment Badge #4 B4nKbUsTah Catch the Freakshow debtor before he skips town Basse Croupier (St. Martial)Skip Tracer
35 - 40 VillainOther #5 Dekker's Debt Remind Archon Dekker to pay up Basse Croupier (St. Martial)
35 - 40 VillainOther #6 Embezzlement Teach the Family embezzlers a lesson Basse Croupier (St. Martial)

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