Darla Mavis

Darla Mavis

Former Heroine (level 25 to 30) in Nerva Archipelago

As the heroine Maverick, Darla Mavis fought evil in the Ranks of Longbow. Until friendy fire from a sapper stole her powers, that is. Now, daria styles herself Dark Maverick, and she's dedicated to nothing more than revenge against her former friends. Working with Daria is a good way to find yourself in plenty of dangerous situations, but it's also a good way to build a reputation.

Level Mission Information
25 - 30 VillainMinor Story Arc #1 Aurora Fades Take out a hero Darla Mavis (Nerva Archipelago)
25 - 30 VillainMinor Story Arc #2 Power Mine Steal the Longbow info Darla Mavis (Nerva Archipelago)

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