Willie Wheeler

Willie Wheeler

Street Fixer (level 15 to 20) in Cap au Diable

Everyone has heard about Willie 'Dealer' Wheeler. He's the guy who wants to hit it big, but hasn't -- he's a little man with a big chip on this shoulder.

Lately, however, things have been different. Apparently, Willy's got a new source with hot tips. Who knows? maybe Willy has finally hit the big time.

Level Mission Information
15 - 19 VillainMinor Story Arc #1 There's a Sucker Born Every Minute Free Willy's source from Arachnos Willie Wheeler (Cap au Diable)
15 - 19 VillainOther #2 Discipline the Circle of Thorns Discipline the Circle Willie Wheeler (Cap au Diable)
15 - 19 VillainOther #3 Blow up the Arachnos Base Plant bombs in Arachnos base Willie Wheeler (Cap au Diable)
15 - 19 VillainAccomplishment Badge #4 Take Down the Arachnos base in Paragon City Defeat all Arachnos personnel Willie Wheeler (Cap au Diable)Paragon of Vice
15 - 19 VillainOther #5 The Altar of Dryzzgor Destroy Altar & Guardians Willie Wheeler (Cap au Diable)

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