Mr. Bocor

Mr. Bocor

Vodoun Priest (level 5 to 10) in Port Oakes

Very little is known about Mr. Bocor. Even his name is a closely guarded secret, as Bocor understands that names have great power. He's a student of power in general. A a Vodoun priest, Bocor came to Port Oakes eager to learn the secrets of the mysterious ghosts that haunt its shores. But he's not immune to the call of more earthly power, such as that wielded by the Family. Mr. Bocor has his hand into just about everything going on in Port Oakes. Which makes him a dangerous adversary, or a powerful ally.

Level Mission Information
5 - 10 VillainOther #1 The Sea Witch Defeat the Sea Witch Mr. Bocor (Port Oakes)
5 - 10 VillainAccomplishment Badge #2 The Loa Bone Retrieve the Loa Bone Mr. Bocor (Port Oakes)Loa BoneBone Collector
5 - 10 VillainOther #3 Bocor's Friend Retrieve Bocor's Friend from the Circle of Thorns Mr. Bocor (Port Oakes)
5 - 10 VillainStory Arc #4 The Book and the Burning Steal the book for Bocor FlashBackMr. Bocor (Port Oakes)

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