Kelly Nemmers

Kelly Nemmers

Ghost (level 25 to 30) in Croatoa

Kelly Nemmers had all the makings of a magic origin hero. Talent, spirit, a willingness to learn, and an inherent ability to communicate with those in other planes of existence. Sadly, her training was just beginning when Salamanca became the physical nexus for all of Croatoa's mystical power. Kelly tried to fight the dark forces closing in around her town, but she was killed in the process. Her ability to communicate with those in other planes kept her in contact with the real world, preventing her from becoming a malevolent spirit like so many of her fellow villagers. Now, Kelly works to free herself and her fellow spirits from Croatoa's hold.

Level Mission Information
25 - 35 HeroMinor Story Arc Other The Eternal Battle Defeat Tuatha in Misty Wood Kelly Nemmers (Croatoa)Bow and Arrow

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