Warshade Facilitator (level 1 to 50) in Galaxy City

Long before the Peacebringers arrived on Earth, Nictus who sought to change their ways passed along the legend of the Shadowstar. It was said that one of the first to turn away from the path of the Nictus found refuge in a priestess of an ancient Egyptian moon-cult, and that the two of them discovered the path of the Warshade as a way to defend themselves from the Nictus that hunted them. The stories say that this same being has survived through the millennia, passed from mother to daughter along an unbroken family line stretching back to the old kingdoms of the Nile. Nictus who sought a new life would often go in search of the Shadowstar, hoping to learn the way of the Warshade from her. It is not known if the Warshade who calls herself Shadowstar has been inspired by this myth to help her fellow Kheldians, or if the legend is true and she is the latest in an ancient line. Either way, Shadowstar works tirelessly to help Warshades find their true path and start their new lives. Though she has no official rank or power among her fellows, many Warshades defer to her, and the wise listen to her advice.

Level Mission Information
5 - 9 HeroKheldian Story Arc #1 An Absence of Shadows Investigate the disappearance of Shadowcatcher Shadowstar (Galaxy City)
10 - 14 HeroKheldian Story Arc #2 Warshades and Peace Pry information about Lillian Issan from the Trolls Shadowstar (Galaxy City)
15 - 19 HeroKheldian Story Arc #3 Shadow Science Find the Council escapee Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)
20 - 24 HeroKheldian Story Arc #4 Winslowe and the Cosmotron Stop the Sky Raider attack and talk to Dr. Winslowe Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)
25 - 29 HeroKheldian Story Arc #5 Fear and Loathing in Striga Isle Speak to Moonfire on Striga Isle Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)
30 - 34 HeroKheldian Story Arc #6 Scary Monsters Find out what's going on in Arakhn's base Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)
35 - 39 HeroKheldian Story Arc #7 The Nictus Alliance Expose the Council's greatest secret Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)
40 - 44 HeroKheldian Story Arc #8 The Nictus Insurrection Infiltrate a Nictus base and find out what's causing them so much trouble. Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)
45 - 50 HeroKheldian Story Arc #9 The Final Darkness Rescue Lillian Issan from whatever trouble she's found Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)

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