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Elite is looking dangerously good

Having watched the latest trailer for Elite Dangerous I think I need to go take a cold shower.  If they can re-capture the feel of the old Elite with video & audio effects of this quality this could be the greatest thing in gaming for a long long time. This is made even sweeter by the absolute lack of any decent space combat games for the last decade or so,

I still hope that Disney will realise that a (good) new X-Wing vs TIE Fighter game would be a license to print money.

Stupid People

Stupid People

We’re All Going To Die

Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?

TIE Fighter: The Movie

Batman of Shanghai

Ninja Turtles Tribute

I very much doubt the upcoming movie will engender as much goodwill among children of the 80s as this will do …


Absolutely incredible.

Modern War Gear Solid – The Complete Saga

Mega Man X

The quality of fan-made movies these days is getting quite scary.–PFbE
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